Why dont women balding like men

Scientists have proven more than once that 10 bald men account for 3 bald women. But why is this happening?

Because of what does the bald appear?

In fact, baldness can be triggered by many factors. Among these very factors, there are more common hereditary causes transmitted by genetics. It turns out that men genetic features are passed on from moms, despite the fact that the latter may not suffer from the problem of baldness; hormonal changes, especially if there are thyroid problems; stresses, both on a physical and emotional level. By the way explained this point simply. The whole point is that when a stressful situation occurs, there is a vascular spasm, causing blood to flow badly to the head.

Hair bulbs have nothing to feed on, which eventually leads to hair loss.

Being overweight also affects baldness. Due to fat accumulations, cholesterol levels in the blood increase, this clogs the sebaceous ducts on the head, causing the hair bulbs to die off.

Why does the bald on the top of men appear more often?

Based on the above reasons, one can understand why women don’t balde as often as men. First, as it has already been known, the genetic background, which is displayed exclusively on male faces, plays a big role. Secondly, women look more strongly at excess weight and try to get rid of it than men. Third, virtually every man has bad habits, among them drinking alcohol or nicotine. Women try to abandon bad habits, and therefore they have less problems with hair. Fourth, stresses play a huge role! Have you not noticed that most bald men are among politicians, actors, businessmen? And all because their work means a huge amount of stress and a kind of struggle that in general affects the state of the body.

In addition, women constantly monitor their hair, nourishing it through a variety of masks and other ways.

Men are balding more often than women only for the simple reason that they pay less attention to their health. And maybe if they tried to change their point of view, they would have a lot less hair problems. Although, women are even considered more sexualized.

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