Why dogs dont like cats

By science…

Historically, cats have never been the prey of dogs. Therefore, you can’t draw parallels with cat and mouse here. Yet for some reason since time immemorial, these animals cannot make friends in any way.

Scientists have several versions to this effect. They are mostly built on differences in “languages”, characters, types of behavior of these animals. These differences are noticeable even in the obvious: the cat wags its tail when angry, and the dog when rejoicing.

Both cats and dogs are hunters by nature. But hunting in very different ways. Dogs are hardy and used to corral their victim by running huge distances. Cats do not know how to move so quickly and are not hardy, but know how to quietly sneak up to the victim. Therefore, cats have no specific smell, and dogs are expressed smell like psina.

Another version of scientists is genetic competition of species. It is possible that the ancestors of the cats were saber-toothed tigers, which were capable of offending the ancestors of domestic dogs. Scientists believe dogs” current dislike of cats is due to a planted on a genetic level desire to retaliate against the descendants of their adversaries.

Another argument — cats and dogs just aren’t used to each other. Not all, but in the majority of their people are clearly divided into “doggy” and “felines”. The few who decide to have both a cat and a dog are often perplexed — why are they considered enemies? After all, kitten and puppy, from early childhood living nearby, almost always become best friends. But the fact is, these animals are getting used to each other. And the dog, which is not used to the cat, arises an irresistible desire to chase this noisy fluffy lump, whereas the cat freaks out the attack, begins to defend itself and run away.

Also, the cat is important its own territory. That’s why cats often mark places they consider their own. Any incursion by another animal, including a dog, into this location is perceived as a signal to action. The dog responds to any attack. Since in terms of speed and strength the dog more often wins in the cat, for the latter it in most cases ends deplorably.

… and according to rumors

of course, over the years the feud of dog and cat has grown many legends and beliefs. Perhaps the most beautiful legend is about the poor man and the magic ring.

A very poor man didn’t get anything — there was no harvest, there was no fish in the river, everything fell out of his hands. But one day he found an ordinary ring in the woods — and life after that settled. The cat thought that this ring was magical, and it was thanks to him that things went uphill.

The cat talked about it to a rich man who came to the house and took the ring from the poor man. Wanting to help the owner, the cat and the dog stole the ring from the rich man. But on the way home, the dog fell asleep. The cat returned the ring to the owner, saying that she got it herself, and the rich man about the ring got a dog. Then the owner drove out the dog in the yard and began to feed in rounds, and the cat left in the house and fed from a bowl. Such a betrayal the dog didn’t forgive a cat.

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