Which smartwatch is best to buy: rules of choice for adults and children

To make no mistake with the choice of gadget, you need to study all its constituent parameters in detail. Particular attention should be paid to the technical characteristics of the device when choosing a smart watch for the child.

The body

initially needs to be decided on the design. The device is presented as a traditional wristwatch of various shapes: oval, round, rectangular, square. The material of the case is plastic or metal, sometimes ceramic. The construction of plastic is lighter, but it is also affected by more severe damage. Steel makes the watch heavier, but retains its integrity even when bumps and downs.

On the dial is fitted ordinary glass or more durable โ€” sapphire, mineral. The latter actively resists surface scratching, chipping, cracks.

Health tracking and sports functions

Smart watches are mainly acquired for active sports, regular tracking of health indicators.

Functions of the device include:

  • measurement of pulse, including constant;
  • analysis of heart rate;
  • assessment of sleep phases;
  • counting down steps, measuring calories,
  • and so on next.

Indicators are determined both at rest and at physical activity.

Dial or screen The

choice of the dial is based on the preferences of the buyer. The watch presents several options: with arrows, electronic. The dials can be changed and additional. Optionally, information about weather, charge level, calendar and so on is displayed.

Choosing a watch, it is important to evaluate the screen โ€” its size and color rendering. The display is colored or monochrome. The highest quality is considered AMOLED screen type, guaranteeing image quality, good readability. The optimum size is recognized as 1.5 ”, but it is still necessary to rely on your own sensations.


Watches Navigation systems allow you to track the location, route of movement. Athletes it allows to organize cross-country tracks, travelers help to navigate unfamiliar terrain. Navigation is used for parental supervision of a child โ€” determining its location, movements, and so on.


Indicator characterizes the duration of the gadget operation. A capacitive battery for the appliance is usually not required. The average period of work during active activity is 48-64 hours. The more extensive the functionality used, the faster the battery discharges.

Monochrome displays hold the charge significantly longer. The term without recharging can reach several weeks.

What smartwatch is best to buy a child

‘s choice of watch is based on the purpose of purchase, design, convenience of the device:

  1. Display – monochrome or color. The former costs less and keeps the battery charge longer. Colored is brighter, has better visibility, but costs more.
  2. Interface โ€” should be simple and understandable for the child.
  3. Battery capacity – children usually use the device actively, the recommended capacity indicator is 400-600 mAh.
  4. Protection level โ€” it is advisable to purchase moisture resistant devices. Shockproof products are also available with scratch-proof glass.
  5. Functions โ€” the necessary functionality is determined by parents. The standard provides control over the location of the child, his movements, exit from the permitted zone. There’s an emergency call button, hand removal sensors, eavesdropping and so on.

Children’s hours also use the reception of messages and calls, answers to them. It is possible to assess health indicators (pulse, calories, passed steps). But predominantly the device is focused on babysitting.

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