Which blanket is better?

Good quilts

The main quality of the quilt is keeping heat. In order to have heat under the blanket at low temperature, it is necessary that it consists of a material with good thermal conductivity. This ability is affected not only by the quality of the filler, but also by its quantity or thickness of the blanket.

But not always a good blanket should be warm, its thermal conductivity should depend on the needs of the person, on the time of year, on climatic conditions and microclimate in the apartment and the house.

The blanket should provide good air circulation, in other words, it should “breathe”. This allows you to maintain the optimum temperature during sleep. It is also important to remove moisture from the body, so the material should absorb it well. Choosing a blanket, it is necessary not to forget about other important qualities – ease, ease of care, hypoallergenicity.

Thus, the best blanket can be called one that combines all of the listed qualities and at the same time meets the needs of a person for the ability to keep warm. Down, woollen, silk blankets are considered the best, although each has certain drawbacks as well. Products made of synthetic materials are difficult to call unambiguously bad, but they have much less merit, they are often heavy, but not very warm.

Down blanket The

main virtue of a duvet is its ability to keep warm. In addition, it is relatively light, absorbs moisture and lets air through. But the down filler has several drawbacks: it easily drains, so it produces different organisms, for example dust mites. Not only allergies, but healthy people respond to the products of their life, so down blankets need to be cleaned and ventilated regularly. You should not buy such a blanket for a child if they have a predisposition for allergies, and especially for a newborn.

The best duvet is made of gaga fluff, but such a product is the most expensive. The optimal option is soft, warm and light goose down.

Wool blanket

The only main drawback of wool blankets is their allergenicity. Also they are sometimes affected by mites and moths. Otherwise, these are excellent products — light, warm, well absorbing, but not delaying moisture. Excellent wool blankets are made of camel or merino wool, they are very light, well “breathed” and even self-cleaning.

Silk Blanket

Silk Blanket has all but one merit list — it’s not very warm. But if you need something to shelter in summer or spring, it is an ideal option. Although in winter, with good heating the room underneath it is quite warm. Silk does not cause allergic reactions, does not attract insects, so it is very durable, it is light and wear-resistant. Its ability to regulate temperature while sleeping makes it one of the best pieces for almost any time of year. Its only significant drawback is expensive.

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