Where to ski in Moscow

Where to go downhill skiing in Moscow?

Every winter on the Sparrow Mountains, the length and steepness of which cannot be compared to the slopes of the best alpine resorts, but for active winter pastime is a good option: the elevation difference is about 40 meters, and the average length of the tracks is 200 meters. This place has a number of advantages — located right in the capital, has a well-developed infrastructure, including a network of lifts, toilets, restaurants and ski equipment rental.

More exciting skiing awaits in Krylatsky, on the slopes of the Rowing Canal. Here the tracks are longer, up to 300 meters, and the height difference is more impressive – about 50 meters. The ski center is close to the metro and is equipped with everything you need: artificial lighting, snow guns, ski rental.

Unsurprisingly, it was in Krylatsky that the first Moscow ski club was established.

To enjoy all the possibilities of the ski resort without going outside the area, you can go to the sports park “Volen” 40 kilometers from MCADA. In winter, it specializes in ski recreation, snowboarding and sledging. This large sports center has several different slopes, including a children’s track, excellent lighting, artificial snowmaking and everything you need for recreation: cafes, bars, restaurants and others entertainment.

Where to go cross-country skiing in Moscow?

Cross-country skiing enthusiasts living in Moscow often ski through Sokolniki Park, where a 45-kilometre ski run is laid every winter. Several ski rental facilities are available in the park.

But it also has a few drawbacks: the condition of the tracks depends on weather conditions and sometimes leaves much to be desired, only part of them lit up.

Izmaylovsky Park, too, is popular due to its huge area divided into “cultural” and “wild” parts. Both in that and in the other are laid good tracks, but the rental points in this large area are only two: at the metro station “Partizanskaya” and on the North Square. On the wide avenues in the “cultural” part of Izmaylovsky Park you can ski in the evenings, the paths are well lit, but most skiers prefer to loop in more remote places, so in the dark time of day you have to put on headlights.

Physically trained lovers of more active skiing, with climbs and descents, difficult loops and the possibility to go in any style, you can advise to go to Romashkovo in 58 kilometers from MCAD. It is not a very long but rather difficult amateur track, where ski competitions are often held.

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