Where are the worlds biggest waterfalls

Angel Falls

The highest waterfall in the world is Angel. It is located in Venezuela (South America) and is surrounded by rainforest. It is located in the Canaima National Park, and falls from Mount Auyantepui – the largest Venezuelan peak.

Ángel reaches 1054 meters in height, the continuous fall height is 807 meters. It is such a huge height that water has almost no time to reach the ground, spraying into small particles and turning into fog.

You can reach the waterfall exclusively by river or air. The terrain here is very wild, it doesn’t let tourists by land. To see Ángel, you must fly from Ciudad Bolivar or Caracas to Canaima.

The rest of the world’s great waterfalls

Tugela Falls is the second tallest waterfall in the world. It is located within the territory of the Republic of South Africa, in KwaZulu province of Natal. It descends from the east side of the Dragon Mountains, in Natal Royal National Park. Further water flows into the river of the same name. Tugela is 5 free-falling cascades. The largest height is 948 meters, the width is 15 meters.

Waterfall “Three Sisters” – such an unusual name is associated with three tiers, of which the waterfall consists. It is the third tallest waterfall in the world, with a height of 914 meters and a width of 14 meters. Located in Peru, in the Ayacucho region. It is surrounded by a forest in which thirty meter trees grow.

Olowpena Falls is located on Molokai Island (Hawaii). The height is 900 meters. On two sides it is surrounded by mountains of volcanic origin. Oloupena has a small width and is characterized by a large number of transitions from different levels.

Oloupen’s water doesn’t dip down, it slides down vertical rock and flows straight into the ocean.

Umbilla Falls, just like the Three Sisters, is located in Peru. It is found in the eastern descent of the Andes, in the Amazon basin. It is striking with beauty not only the appearance of Umbilla, but also the surrounding landscape. The height of the falls, according to recent studies, is 895.5 meters.

Umbilla Falls was not opened through scientific research until the second half of 2007.

Winnufossen Falls is located in Norway, near the village of Sundalsora (Sundal Municipality). The height is 860 meters. It consists of cascades, the largest stage reaches 420 meters. The height of the free fall is 150 meters. It is the highest waterfall in Europe and is one of the six largest waterfalls in the world. Winnufossen slumps from the summit of Winnufjillet, is fed by the Winnufonna Glacier, and flows into the Wynnu River.

Thus, the world’s most magnificent and largest waterfalls are found in Venezuela, South Africa, Peru, Norway and the Hawaiian island of Molokai.

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