When to do a pregnancy test?

Analysis with the help of a strip

Modern medicine allows you to determine the presence of pregnancy without leaving home. Just need to purchase a special pregnancy test at the pharmacy. And to clarify the result – you can snap two test strips at once. Especially since many pharmaceutical companies now provide packages with two test strips, for the reliability of the result. If you question what you saw on the express test or decide to make sure again that the analysis is correct, the second strip will be quite btw.

Even at a small period of 2-3 weeks, using modern tests for home diagnostics, you will be able to reliably determine whether you are pregnant at the moment or no.

The principle of pregnancy analysis is that almost from the first days of fertilization the egg in the urine of a woman appears special hormone is human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). It is produced with the developing placenta shortly after fertilization. Every day, the HCG level increases. In the second week of pregnancy, chorionic gonadotropin begins to stand out with urine. And at this time it is possible to independently carry out early diagnosis for pregnancy.

When to test?

Naturally, it will not be possible to determine the “interesting position” immediately after sexual intercourse or a few days later. But from the first day of delay of menstruation and if there is a positive result (two strips on the express test) it is possible to talk almost with certainty about pregnancy.

It should be remembered that the presence of infection, inflammatory diseases can also trigger the appearance of two strips on the test.

It is

best to perform a HCV test using a portion of morning urine. So you get a more credible result. Although the test instruction indicates that express strip components give the same result at any time the analysis is performed.

If you decide to use the express method before the onset of months, due to insufficient HCV content in the urine, the test may not be correct. It’s best to wait for the day when menstruation was supposed to start and then have an analysis. After a few days for a more accurate result, do a re-diagnosis.

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