When come out in the Decree

Labour Code of the Russian Federation

According to information that can be easily obtained by looking into the set of laws concerning the working population, you can see that legislatively, there is no such thing as maternity leave. However, maternity leave and paternity leave is provided. Maternity leave itself is divided into two parts — prenatal and postpartum. All these periods go after each other, without interruptions. Therefore, in the people it is customary to call this leave a decree.

At what time it is necessary to leave the decree

Most often doctors – gynecologists prescribe a sick leave to a woman for maternity leave at the 30 week of pregnancy. During this period, the tummy of a woman waiting for the baby is already large enough, and the child selects a lot of strength. Therefore, it becomes difficult to work fully. There comes a period when a woman can afford to rest, relax and prepare for the birth of a new family member.

What documents are necessary for the registration of a decree at work

A pregnant woman for a period of 30 weeks need to obtain in the women’s consultation a list of incapacity for work, with mandatory indication of the approximate date of birth and term of pregnancy.$ It will also be necessary to take a certificate stating that it is registered in connection with pregnancy and a birth certificate.

Duration of maternity leave

The duration of prenatal leave is 70 days.$ A woman carrying two or more children at once has a rest before childbirth lasting 84 days. And residents of adverse zones exposed to radiation pollution – 90 calendar days.

Postpartum leave also lasts 70 days. However, if the birth was severe and triggered complications, the rest duration is extended to 86 days. And the birth of twins or twins extends it to 110 calendar days.

The woman must then write an application for paternity leave at the place of work. Such a vacation can last until the baby is three years old. However, maternity benefits at work will only be paid until the child is 1.5 years old. For another year and a half, the woman keeps her workplace.

Please note

All time spent by a woman on maternity leave is counted in the seniority. At the same time, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the employer does not have the right to reduce wages or dismiss a woman who is in a decree or in an “interesting position”.

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