Whats the warmest ocean

Why water in the Indian Ocean is very warm

Indian Ocean washes the east coast of Africa, southern Eurasia and western Australia. The average annual water temperature in many areas of this ocean is high, comfortable for swimming. First, because, unlike the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, its northern part is out of contact with the cold polar regions. Second, much of the Indian Ocean is in the hottest climate belts: equatorial, subequatorial, tropical and subtropical. It is to the basin of the Indian Ocean that belong to the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf — reservoirs with a high average annual temperature of water. Regardless, the Indian Ocean is not the warmest!

The Arctic Ocean is excluded from the list of candidates, as due to its geographical location, the temperature of the water is close to 0°C.

The warmest ocean is the Pacific

, however, the highest average annual water temperature is not in the Indian Ocean, but in the Pacific. This huge ocean, with a surface area of about 180 million square kilometers (like the other three oceans, combined) sprawls between the east coast of the continents Eurasia and Australia and western shores of the Americas. It occupies almost a third of our planet’s surface.

At first glance, it should be inferior to the Indian Ocean in terms of the average annual temperature, because the Pacific Ocean not only washes the banks of Antarctica, but also comes in contact with the Arctic Ocean . Yet the fact remains: the average annual temperature of the Pacific Ocean’s water surface is the highest on Earth.

The fact is that thanks to the ispolinian size of the Pacific Ocean, the area of its surface, which is in the hottest climatic zones of the Earth, is several times larger than the same itself warm area of the Indian Ocean. Due to this, the average water temperature in the Pacific Ocean is higher.

In addition, the Pacific is only in contact with the Arctic Ocean on a relatively narrow stretch.

According to the scientists, the average annual surface water temperature in the Pacific Ocean ranges between values of +19.1oC and + 19.4oC. While off the Indian Ocean, the figure is about +17.3oS. As you can see, the difference is almost 2 degrees. In addition, the Pacific Ocean is the deepest.

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