Whats the point of psychological tests?

Reveal the facets of their own self

probably most had to face psychological tests in life. For example, during the admission of a child to school, he must pass a school test of mental development. Another popular test for identifying intellectual abilities and thinking creativity is IQ. Polls like this are among the intellectual ones.

In turn, personal tests can often be seen on the pages of magazines, newspapers and blogs. Many answer them to somehow entertain themselves, and healthy curiosity does not rest. Generally, people don’t attach much importance to them. I read — and forgot.

Some teenagers undergo psychological tests on their own with the aim of answering the question: Who am I, what are my capabilities and abilities?

Sometimes tests help a person to unlock his inner potential, reveal some patterns of behavior, indicate in a generalized form his merits and flaws. This is one opportunity to look at yourself from the sidelines and analyze your own actions.

Professional tests

In Western companies, recruitment testing is a common phenomenon, now reaching Russia. Tests allow to determine the level of professional fitness of the applicant, the ability to adapt in the team, the degree of conflict with others, and so on.

Of course, not all tests produce a credible result. This is especially true for the assignments of five and 10 years ago. The creation of new questionnaires takes into account recent achievements in the field of psychology, modern concepts and developments, so their objectivity and credibility is very close to the absolute value.

In most cases, if the results of professional tests of the last generation do not suit a person, the problem lies in him, not in the tasks.

Modern techniques are rarely “wrong”, and all efforts to “outwit” such system suffer a fiasco.

In some countries, people have complained that a number of issues are a real invasion of privacy. Such a phrase is not without meaning. The fact is that professional tests help employers to make a psychological portrait of the applicant, to assess his character, memory, attention, speed of thinking and other characteristics. Without such questions, it is almost impossible to do so, as a person manifests himself in various spheres of life. There is nothing to be afraid This information is confidential, is not subject to disclosure and does not exceed ethical and legal standards.

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