What vitamins do you need to drink in spring?

What are “responsible” for vitamins in the human body

before starting to take any vitamins, it is necessary to understand what functions they perform at all and on that affect. Healthy, elastic skin is largely the “merit” of vitamin A. It affects visual acuity. Vitamin C. plays a huge role in the prevention of cold diseases, as well as in the cure of them. If you’re sick often, you need to eat foods rich in vitamin C. Vitamin D contributes to the absorption of calcium, so it largely depends on the strength of bone tissue, as well as the state of nails and hair. Vitamin E increases the body’s vital tone, helps fight toxins, and improves the functioning of the reproductive system. Therefore, a woman wishing to become pregnant is advised to eat vitamin E with food or in the form of dragees.

B vitamins reduce fatigue, promote normalization of protein metabolism and strengthen the nervous system. These vitamins need to be taken at the decline of strength, drowsiness. Vitamin RR (nicotinic acid) contributes to strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

What vitamin complexes are better to take in spring

Most specialists recommend taking multivitamin complexes “Duovit”, “Quadevit”, “Multitabs”. They contain the most essential vitamins, with which you quickly overcome the negative phenomena caused by avitaminosis. However, it is recommended that you receive medical advice.

Remember that every human body is individual.

In addition to vitamins, there are a number of vital micronutrients: zinc, magnesium, iron, iodine, selenium, etc. are responsible for the work of almost all bodies.

Vitamins and trace elements can be obtained not only through vitamin-mineral complexes, but also by consuming fruits, vegetables, nuts and other useful products.

Try to regularly consume vitamins in winter to minimize the manifestations of avitaminosis in spring. You will be helped by billets in autumn, when there is an abundance of vegetables and fruits. For example, preserve juices from fruits and berries, make jam. Dry apple and pear slices, rosehip berries, and then cook and drink compotes from them. Slice fresh greens, and freeze in plastic bags, then add little to the food. This way you can at least partially provide yourself with vitamins for the winter. And remember that in winter it is better not to sit on diets, because the body should receive as many of the necessary micronutrients and vitamins as possible.

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