What to play Fruit Ninja

Feature of games

Gambling person who will like the game, after setting his record will constantly want to beat him, spending the game from 20 minutes to several hours a day depending on the strength of desire. Everyone has faced a similar game in their lives. Here’s a small list of similar developments.

Similar games

Doodle Jump is a game in which your task is to jump on islets to infinity up, controlling a green alien. The difficulty is that the control comes at the expense of the inclinations of the phone (accelerometer), and on the way monsters meet. Having jumped 20-30 thousand points, you will be very happy.

Zuma is a game where you have to shoot multicolored balls into a constantly moving lane. Once the segment of the balls becomes greater than or equal to three of the same color, they go missing, shifting those ahead backwards. You have to not give a supplement to this snake until the end, otherwise you lose. The difficulty is in the changing pitch rate of balls and the addition of a second row.

Subway Serfer is a game that became a real boom in 2012-2013. Driving a rail-running guy, you have to dodge all the obstacles in the way and collect coins. There’s an extra shop for buying things that simplify gameplay.

Angry Birds is the undoubted leader among all mobile games in history. You need to shoot the slingshot with different birds and blow up green pigs hidden in shelters on the map. Of course, the trajectory needs to be calculated, and to get 3 stars per level you need to score at least a certain number of points.

You can watch such “viral” games at your friends, as well as at download centers for iPhone and Android apps. Once something new is released, and it gains popularity, everyone who likes to play phone starts to download.

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