What to do if a car is hijacked

It only seems like a hijacking is a common car theft. In fact, experts highlight several types of hijackings, which according to different parameters can be assigned to a particular category. Usually distinguish such categories 4:
– customized;
– theft of the vehicle for spare parts;
– theft by touring men;
– carjacking for ransom.

In the first case, the car is “under order”, which means that the owner from its loss will not save almost anything. And, as a rule, such cars are not yet. Powerless in matters of protection of the custom car and alarm, and various security guards and other methods.

The second category is not particularly popular now that the parts market is so oversaturated. However, earlier cars were stolen for this purpose. After all, and on the analysis for it you can get quite good money.

The third category is one of the most frequent when a car is simply stolen and then taken out of the region. As a result, finding it becomes a task almost unsustainable. And the further it managed to hijack from the region, the less likely it will ever be found.

The new way that today the hijackers invented, for them is of quite great interest, because promises them quite fast and easy profit. The car is hijacked, but only to make it to the owner a ransom demand.

What to do when stolen the car

Naturally, first of all it is necessary to address to law enforcement agencies. And no difference, how you feel about them: trust or not, consider it useful to their participation in search activities or not, etc. It is related to the fact that until you report the fact of the theft, the car is listed for by you. If it gets caught on theft, will appear in reports about road accident, etc., first of all you will be brought to justice as the owner.

In addition, the faster the search starts, the more likely it is to get the car back. The later begin to search for hijackers, the less likely it is that cars will find. During this time it will be securely hidden.

Remember that in the police department it is necessary to behave correctly and politely. It is not necessary to list all influencers that you have in relatives or are listed as friends from the threshold. In search of the car all these ranks, ranks and positions will be powerless.

Of course, after registration of all papers and statements on search of cars nobody forces you to sit at home, back hands. You may well start your search yourself. And it is possible to do it in different ways. Like hiring a private investigator. However, it is worth taking into account that it is not the fact that it will be able to find your car, because it does not have comprehensive information about the gang of hijackers plotting in your area or city.

Alternatively, you can place ads. To do this, you’ll need a photo of the missing car The text of the announcement should contain the maximum possible information about the machine, up to the listing of scratches, dents and scoles. All of this will help people immediately pay attention to your car if they see it. Be sure to specify not only your phone, but also the police phone.

Experts have estimated that it is optimal to prepare 6,000 ads. Less will be lost, more will be overkill. Put them in all crowded places — transport, stops, yards, etc.

You can try to interview witnesses — grandmothers at the entrance, young people moms, etc. They may have seen and memorized any important details.

As an option, it is worth offering rewards. Such can be stuck just by those who counted on receiving money. In case the hijackers came in contact with you, do not go to the meeting yourself. Be sure to bring with you a reliable person you trust. To plug in or not at this point law enforcement is up entirely and entirely to you.

How to protect yourself from stealing a car

of course, if someone wants, he will steal your car despite all the measures taken. However, if the hijacker has a choice: the protected car is unprotected, he will first take up the simpler option. Statistics reads: 90% of thefts are carried out by negligence of owners of cars who did not take care of installation of anti-theft equipment.

Alarms, secrets to the steering wheel and wheels, etc., can all delay the theft of your car.

Of course, if it is possible, it is better to insure the car. So, even if the stolen car is not found, you will be able to receive compensation and purchase a new car in return of the stolen car.

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