What to do after children

Wellness after childbirth

— great stress for the body, the physical effects of this process continue for at least a week, although in different women manifest differently. In the early days, pain, abdominal spasms, malaise are possible — they suggest that the uterus has begun to contract. If the pain is very disturbing, consult your doctor and take a painkiller. Bleeding can also be observed, gradually it becomes lighter and weakens. During this period you need to use hygienic pads.

You can’t use swabs for bleeding after childbirth.

It is very important in the first days after the birth of the child to regularly impale the bladder, do not need to be tolerated if you want to go to the toilet. The body has recently accumulated a lot of fluid, and it needs to be disposed of, and the full bladder will pressure on the uterus, causing discomfort.

Be sure to use any free hour to sleep after giving birth. This will allow you to rest, gain strength, restore your body faster and easier to tolerate other possible stresses associated with your well-being and care for your child. Often women who have just given birth have a khandra, a languid mood associated with hormonal restructuring of the body and a dramatic change of lifestyle. Proper nutrition, good sleep and visits to loved ones at the maternity hospital will quickly get rid of postpartum depression.

Exclude after childbirth foods that can cause allergies in the baby: these are most citrus fruits, chocolate, delicacy fish, cocoa, tropical fruits. It is also necessary to give up onions, garlic, lard, salts – they worsen the taste of milk. Eat several times a day in small portions.

In the first days after childbirth, it is not worth drinking much, so as not to provoke the development of lactostasis – secretion of too much milk.

Care after childbirth

If the baby is born healthy and you too feel good, then in the maternity ward you will be left no more than for two hours. The newborn will be bathed, put in nappies and swashonka, will be examined. The midwife will help you feed the baby for the first time. Don’t worry if he can’t immediately find breasts — it’s an ability instinctive, and it’s enough to wait a few minutes. Then you will be transferred to the postpartum unit, where after a while will be given the opportunity to consult a doctor about breastfeeding.

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