What things you need to take with you on holiday


 To start, sit down and quietly make a trip plan. Imagine at least about the program for every day and in general for the entire rest period. And only after that write a list of necessary things to take with you.

Money and documents

The most important thing in the organization of recreation is to bring with you money and all necessary documents. This includes cash, bank cards, passport, medical policy, transport tickets, birth certificates for children. If one of the spouses is in divorce or with a child, a special permit will be required to travel abroad.

 For underinsurance it is worth making copies of documents and putting them separately from the originals.

Also do not forget to bring with you a check confirming the booking of rented accommodation for the rest.


In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine life without gadgets even on holiday. Tablet, laptop, camera, e-book – the list of necessary equipment for each individual, the total remains only a mobile phone.

You need a navigator or a map of the area to travel in the car Don’t forget to put your charger and Power Bank in your luggage.

First aid kit A

very important thing in the trip is the first aid kit. It meets individually, depending on the health status of each family member.

But there is a basic set of medicines that may be needed in an emergency case.

Put in your “holiday kit”:

– painkillers and antipyretic agents;

– medicines for the stomach in case of food poisoning or intestinal infection;

– drugs from (Dramina)

– Electronic grader

– personal preparations for chronic diseases

– antihistamines

– antiseptic

– wet wipes; $

– cream from burns;

– first aid (hydrogen peroxide, green or iodine, dressings).

Clothes and shoes

In this case, there is no single correct list of things. It is important that the clothes fit the situation. If you want to spend the whole holiday actively, take sports clothes, and if you plan walks along the waterfront and visit restaurants, put a couple of evening outfits in your suitcase.


will not be unnecessary to bring comfortable shoes, feet will tell you “thank you”.


and personal care products are best taken at a minimum. Firstly in hotels provide cosmetic kits for guests, and secondly hygiene items can be bought on site.

A good solution is to use mini tank road sets. In small bottles you can pour your favorite beauty products and do not carry cosmetics with you in large volumes.

But sunscreens are better to buy in advance, at resorts they cost an order of magnitude more.



and products are very useful on the road. Sandwiches, biscuits, fruits, nuts and muesli will quench the feeling of hunger and will not overwhelm the stomach.

It’s not worth taking a lot of food, it can mess up on the road. At major stops and gas stations, you can eat at cafes.

If you still decide to eat your stock, use a refrigerator bag to store products.

Don’t take fast spoilt foods, soda and harmful fast food with sauces. The easier and healthier the food, the better it is for the stomach.


If you have a long road with young children, take “fun” for them. Coloring books, books, rebuses, favorite toys, a tablet with cartoons and a disc with children’s songs will brighten the journey time for children and adults.

Good if you buy a few new toys in advance and hand the kid them only in the car (train, plane). Such a surprise will captivate the baby for a long time and lift his spirits.

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