What the articles actually buy for




bulk of customers can be divided into three large groups. The first is those customers who are just starting their project. It can be a site, a block, an information portal, etc. They come to the exchange, usually with a ready site plan, a semantic core, some commercial outputs. If it’s an online store, customers firmly know what category of goods they will sell, what design and other small things will be. Therefore, they find articles for certain requests, descriptions of specific products. Such customers look less at the rating of performers and the price (unless it is at all inflated). Most of them have calculated their budget and are ready to pay at an average price for quite quality, more or less good material. These customers know what they want. So if your article matches their requests, it’s bought anyway. If they don’t find a suitable article, they will leave the order.
How to sell an article to such customers? Describe in detail what “keys” your article is sharpened, what audience is designed, what subtitles, give the plan. Then the customer will have more complete information about what is written in your article and choose it rather than “cat in a sack” without description. If you make a description of the product or category, be sure to enter a couple of medium-frequency “keywicks” from Vordstat.


The second group is customers who have already launched their project and want to replenish it with fresh records. Most of them work with verified copywriters, send them personal orders and are willing to pay many times more because they are confident in the quality of the content. Such customers, if they buy a “random” article, then at a copywriter with a high rating. However, there is a chance that they will purchase an article from a novice copywriter on a topic of interest to them, too. Especially if this novice copywriter specializes in the subject you need. Naturally, if the article is provided with a detailed description and will not be influenced by amateurism.
What do such customers buy? Among the “standard” advertising, advertising, or selling texts, it can be a very subjective note, such as a forum, an informational article, even scripts and texts of poems or stories. Since these categories are non-commercial, the price for them is lower.


The third group is customers who use your articles to promote their projects. For example, when exchanging posts, when ordering backlinks on Rotapost or GoGetLinks, when posting on forums and social networks, when creating a satellite network, and so on. Such customers are important not so much the quality of the text, but the subject matter and keywords. Articles such customers select for certain requests. Since they need a lot of articles, they choose the cheapest. In fact, such texts are not needed for people, but for search engines. On the other hand, the timing of “gray” and “black” optimization is canulo in the fly, so the texts should look like for “white” projects.
Selling articles such a plan is pretty easy. It is enough to denote the key phrases, their percentage of entry, sign that the article is ideal for a gradual promotion and put the price below the “average hospital”. Articles go off, but only benefits from them especially much do not get. So whether — everyone should decide. However, to accumulate the initial rating is the best option.

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