What rights and benefits a single mother of two children

The law states


status of a single mother can be purchased in the following cases:

– if paternity is not established at all (voluntarily or in court);

– if not establishing the paternity of a child born in a legal union or within the period of 300 calendar days after divorce;

– at the birth of a child outside the bonds of legal marriage or after the expiration of 300 days from the date of divorce

– The woman has not been officially registered in marriage at the adoption (adoption) of the child

– if the paternity of the spouse is challenged before the judiciary.$

Changes in payments

In 2014, the amount of benefits for single mothers in Russia and, in particular, in Moscow itself has grown significantly, and the benefit received by a single mother is many times differs from the amount the “ordinary” mother receives.


– payment of supplementary childcare allowance until the last age of one and a half years;

– officially a single mother at no time circumstances cannot be deprived of a place of work without her wish until her child reaches the age of 14.$ Even in case of bankruptcy, closure of the firm, management must provide further employment (for this is given up to 3 months);

– payment of hospital benefit does not depend on seniority and for the first decade of sick pay 100%, and in the subsequent time – 50% of the established salary;

– a single mother may take unpaid leave at any time (not more than once a year );

– obtaining for the child a voucher to camps, sanatoriums and health services (1 every 2 years minimum);

– 50% discount on expensive medicines (the list of funds is required to be in any pharmacy);

– free services of massage therapist in the medical institution of the district;

– discount (about 35%) for the education of the child in certain sections, circles, etc.)

Provided benefits

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits of this category of mothers (singles), certain benefits are provided, namely:

– one – time allowance for registration 515.33 rubles. (up to 12 weeks of pregnancy)

– maternity allowance and, respectively, delivery;

– one-time allowance at the appearance of a baby (13742 rubles)

– Monthly allowance (up to 1.5 years of age) child), the size of which is minimum 2576 rub. (for 1 child) and 5173 rubles. (for the second) M-bM-^ @M

-Receiving “maternal capital” (only when the second child

is born) Child benefit in the following ages: 0-18 (payment each month)

– Providing” $ “natural” assistance (issuance of sets of linen for newborn babies, free delivery of dairy products, baby food on the prescription of a child’s doctor);

– obtaining compensation in case of care for a disabled child (up to 18 or up to 23 years);

It is important to note that each individual subject of the Russian Federation has its own procedures, which determine the amount of payments to single mothers. However, there is also something common for residents of any region. Benefits are directly proportionally based on the income of the single mother.

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