What qualities do women value most in men?


beautiful half of humanity always remains a mystery, but what are the strong qualities a woman estimates in men?


This is one of the hidden tools of every man they keep quiet about. Charming women receive everything in life that they wish, so they are not impressed with the standard gifts that are customary to give in society during the period of courtship of their choice. It’s much easier to demonstrate to them their generosity to other people or to engage in charity by helping those who really need it. So for a woman it will mean that close to her is a sensitive responsible man who also experiences emotions, impressions, ready to share them with his soulmate .



to feel behind a stone wall is something that almost every woman dreams of. Women of the beautiful sex are looking for someone who would be stronger, smarter, smarter than themselves. After all, it is with this arrangement that women can feel weak, fully trust the man, which will allow him to show his male beginning, feel like a hero. It is important for a woman to know that a man can take full responsibility for her, as well as for their family in which children may appear. However, women choose stronger men if she comes from the male half of several proposals with family creation.

Fantasy in a bed

It’s no secret that a woman adores sex as much as members of a strong sex. Spending one night of love with a woman doesn’t mean being adored by a lover. The beautiful half is attracted by unusual members of the strong sex who know how to give them a feeling of ecstasy and make them feel indescribable. Here it is important not to be afraid to talk on the topic of intimacy, to find out what a woman likes, to consider her wishes so that a woman can feel that a man really appreciates her and respects her.


Women adore romantics who can surprise with their actions – for example, limiting an interesting shared pastime. Learn to be a man sensually close to a lady and you’ll see a return. Use your fantasy so that there are many interesting stories that you can remember in the future. Women love men who can express their sincere feelings for them, confirm it by actions, by their attitude to the beautiful half. Thus, the beautiful half always remains a mystery for men.

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