What it takes to become a model

The modeling business fascinates with its brilliance and chic. Many girls and young men dream to be similar to the world models, but only the chosen ones achieve positive results in this field. The main cause of failure is reluctance and inability to hard weekdays and many hours of effort in working on one’s improvement.

Where to begin to

define your physical parameters.

The best age to start a model’s career is 14 to 19, in some cases the age can be 21.

Growth — at least 170 cm. Weight doesn’t matter too much, it can always be adjusted.

Body shape parameters can vary depending on the customer’s tastes. However, they are all close to the 90-60-90 standard.

Determine your type of model:

– teen; – high-fashion;
– glamorous;
– catwalk;
– plus sayz;
– part-model;
– linen model.

Make a professional photo shoot. Shots in different clothes and shapes, including a portrait, should be printed in a large format and stored on the medium.

Choose several model agencies and send a photo with a description of the parameters and your life hobbies.

It should be known that competition in the modeling business is very high, so waiting for casting offers will have weeks, even months. Over the waiting time there will be a chance to prepare for an adequate perception of criticism and refusals. This will accommodate errors and increase the desire to move forward.

Without the ability to submit yourself, knowledge of the basics and theory of model business, erudition and sociability, you will find it very difficult in this sphere even if you pass the casting. Therefore, there must be a constant desire for improvement.

What should have the model

Appearance of the model does not have to be ideal, the main thing is to determine the guaranteed advantages in something specific, they need to be developed. Absolute perfection is a fictional concept.

It is easier to become a model at 14 years of age and from early youth to gain experience, but often such desire attends much later. In this case, there are also chances to get into the model sphere, albeit more ghostly.

To survive in the modeling business, you need to have intelligence and artifice, patience, the ability to change quickly, the ability to be different. You will be able to forget about delicious food and sweets – it is only for you to decide. Knowledge of foreign language and firmness of character, many hours of daily work and careful care of your appearance, the ability to relax at any time, including in front of camera lenses – this what your life will consist of. The

life of the model takes place in continuous motion, so the rest will have to be forgotten.

If you have considered everything and are ready to fight until the end — only then you should try yourself in the modeling business.

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