What is Valeology and Valeological Culture

What studies science valeology

Valeology and valeological culture as a combination of biological and medical sciences with other sciences and directions of human activity, is not only a guide to a healthy lifestyle, but also a whole philosophy. The main problem of valeology is the attitude to individual health, as well as the education of a culture of health in the process of personal development. The main purpose of this science: maximum realization of reserves and mechanisms of human life, their maintenance at a high level, the possibility of adaptation of the body to the conditions of the external and internal environment.

The subject of valeology – health and its reserves, healthy lifestyle.

The main tasks of science include research and assessment of health status and its reserves, formation of a healthy lifestyle, $ Strengthening and maintaining wellbeing through human involvement in healthy lifestyles. Valeology has differences from other sciences that also study the state of the human body: the area of interests of valeology is health and healthy person, in medicine – is a disease and a sick person, in hygiene – living conditions and human habitation.

Valeology is divided into individual and social. Individual valeology aims to preserve and increase the health of the individual. It is a combination of the concepts of personal hygiene, psychohygiene, hardening, physical exertion, rational nutrition, methods of recovery. Public valeology is the preservation and maintenance of the physical, spiritual, mental, social and economic health of a society.

What is a valeological culture

Valeological culture is called a part of the universal culture, which assumes a person’s knowledge of their physiological, genetic and psychological capabilities, mastery of methods of preservation, control and development of health, and the ability to disseminate this knowledge to others.$

Valeological education allows to develop in children a reasonable attitude to their body, helps to instill cultural and hygienic skills, promotes adapting the child to changing environmental conditions.$

For the formation of valeological culture in children the following is necessary:
– the development of interest in the health of the body and conscious installation on healthy lifestyle
– development of healthy lifestyle skills and habits
– development of personal responsibility for their well-being and well-being of others.

Thus, the main goal of the valeological culture of education is to help children grow up healthy. A child should understand that health is the main value, and a healthy lifestyle is adequate behavior in different situations.

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