What is the Napoleon complex”

What is Napoleon’s complex about?

Why is Napoleon relevant to this inferiority complex? The fact is that he himself could not boast a great height (only 1.51 m), so in many paintings he was depicted on a horse so that this flaw did not catch his eye. Yet the miniature of the forms did not affect Bonaparte’s single-mindedness or undermine his self-belief.

Nowadays, modern psychologists view Napoleon’s complex as the desire of low men to achieve fame, career advancement, success, material well-being, and so on.

For the first time, the Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler mentioned this psychological deviation in his writings. He described the incredible pursuit of enrichment and self-fulfillment in one of his patient, who has low stature. This phenomenon he called the “Napoleon complex”.

Now in the people of Napoleon complex is called even “shorty syndrome” or “small man complex”. The meaning in all cases is the same — because of the small growth people feel damaged, so try their best to prove to others that they are capable of something too.

How does Napoleon’s complex manifest in men and women?

Among members of different sexes, Napoleon’s complex has different manifestations. Low-born men from early years, most often from adolescence, behave aggressively towards those around them. Sometimes this behavior may be caused by peer discrimination or rejection of the beloved.

Unlike the rest of the strong half of humanity, “shorty” is almost always sure that all their problems are due to low growth. In addition, some scientists have hypothesized that low men are much more jealous.

Oddly enough, more often than not, “little men” are chosen as companions of tall women. In a number of cases, they reciprocate them. In addition, there is an opinion that they are more intimate because of the high hormone content in their blood.

“ Little women” in turn struggle in every way for their independence and do not allow men to protect them and surround them with care.
Such ladies as if trying to “compensate for the missing centimeters” due to big ambitions, desire to hold senior positions and leading positions. In the process of career progression, they behave aggressively and violently.

The most famous representatives of the beautiful sex, suffering from Napoleon’s complex can be called: Edith Piaf (1.47 m), Queen Victoria (1.52 m), Eva Longoria (1.55 m) and many others.

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