What is the Bluedechko” diet

The principles of the diet “Bludechko”

The basic principle of the diet “Bludechko” – limiting single portions to the amount of food that is placed in a single tea saucer not more than 10 cm diameter. It is necessary to eat at this time four times a day, and the loss of excess weight is about 5 kilograms a week.

Adherence to this diet regime helps to accustom the body to smaller portions of food, so you will not overeat after diet.

In the first stage of the diet, a thin person gets used to small portions. You can eat any products, however they should be placed in a dish, not elevated by a slide or tumble out of dishes. Sweet growers can afford to eat one dessert, choose non-sweet foods for the rest of the meals. Meals spread evenly: breakfast – at 8.00, lunch – at 12.00, afternoon – at 16.00, dinner – at 19.00.

In the second stage of the diet “Bludechko” you need to learn how to choose the right foods If you are used to eating fast food, instant noodles, sausages, cakes and other not-too-healthy food, in the first phase of the diet you will not achieve a noticeable result.

Gradually learn to eat healthy foods: non-fat meat and fish, skinless chicken, fermented milk products, cereals, vegetables and fruits. Avoid fried, salted, smoked, fatty, give up mayonnaise, ketchup, lemonades. Drinking during the diet follows clean and mineral water, tea or coffee without sugar, infusions of herbs, vegetable or water-diluted fruit juices.

The second stage should be continued until the desired weight is reached.

Disadvantages of diet

According to the reviews of specialists, a significant minus diet “Bludechko” is considered a lack in the diet of plant food. In case of lack of fiber there are problems with intestinal peristalsis, due to lack of vitamins impaired vision, condition of skin, hair and nails, weakened immunity. To minimize the disadvantages of the diet, it is necessary to take vitamin complexes and eat bran in the form of powder.

An approximate menu of the diet “Bludechko”

For breakfast you can eat toast of whole grain or rye bread with tomato and cheese, omelette with greens or boiled egg, muesli with yogurt, oatmeal on water with dried fruit.

For lunch you can prepare stewed vegetables with sour cream, vegetable soup with rye bread croutons, boiled meat with vegetable salad, soup purée with mushrooms and chicken.

Treat yourself to fruit salad with yogurt, cinnamon bun, pancake with berries, kefir with fruit, banana strawberry smoothie, curd.

Dinner should be light but nutritious enough that you don’t experience severe hunger at night. Cook 100g baked fish with beans or asparagus, vegetable stew, rye bread, tuna and tomato sandwich, salad of any vegetables with a teaspoon of vegetable oil.

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