What is soap root

Description and ways of using soap root

Soap root has a red-brown rhizome with branching. The ground section reaches a height of 100 cm. The pubescent stem with oval-lanceolate oblong and rough leaves is adorned with pink or white flowers collected in a thyroid panicle.

By the evening around the blooming soap dish, the fragrance is so strong that it is impossible not to feel it. By the end of August, boxes with large numbers of small black seeds are formed at the place of flowers. It is

possible to meet soap root almost throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Soap is widely distributed in bay meadows, forest glades, tririver sands. Many vegetable growers grow the plant on homestead plots.

Soap root is ideal for washing delicate fabrics. Cook a solution of 1 kg of roots and 1 litre of boiling water. Apply for manual or machine washing, pre-straining the composition.

Soaponins roots and rhizomes contain large amounts of triterpene saponins, pectin, carbohydrates, saponarose, and mucus. Due to this content, the soap root is used as an antimicrobial, diuretic, biliary, sweaty and antirheumatic agent.

Traditional medicine recommends the use of a decoction of the root of the soap dish to treat persistent cough, angina, gout, kidneys and spleen.

To prepare medicinal decoction, pour a teaspoon of crushed roots with a glass of boiling water, bring to the boil, cool, strain, bring to the initial volume. Take 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day on doctor’s recommendation.

Use the prepared solution for cosmetic purposes to treat acne. Wipe cleansed face 2 times a day or make masks, soaking clean fabric with warm decoction and applying on the face. Make sure the areas around the eyes and mouth are free. You need to hold the mask for no more than 10 minutes.

In the Middle Ages, soaproot decoction was treated with leprosy and any problems related to skin diseases. Currently, this plant is also widely used in cosmetology and folk medicine.

Soap root assembly time is late autumn. At this time, the plant has maximum medicinal value.

Be careful when treated with soap root!

Please do not forget, you can apply an infusion of soap root inside only on the recommendation of a doctor. To say the root is poisonous is too little. The plant contains sufficiently dangerous substances and if used improperly can cause poisoning.

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