What is scaring

According to medics, scars can be attributed to one of the most dangerous and painful types of drawing drawings on the human body.

Initially, people tried to cover their tracks from scratches, cuts and deeper injuries in such an extraordinary way. However, among modern youth this craze became more widespread, so young men and girls began to equate ‚Äúdecorative scars‚ÄĚ with regular tattoos.

Now some beauty salons offer services to apply convex, concave or relief scars to any body parts. Most often, such patterns adorn the wrists, back and ankles.

Methods of applying artistic scars

There are several methods of applying artistic scars on the body. In one case, cuts are made perpendicular to the skin. At the same time, the trace remains quite shallow, and after healing a slightly noticeable scar is formed, which after 2-5 years is completely sucked.

In the second case, the master strikes a deep scar with a scalpel. To make the pattern more relief, it makes cuts at different angles. Such a scar is more visible, in a number of cases it remains for life.

Another kind of scar is called skinning. At the same time, a thick layer is cut from the skin, and the pattern looks concave. In addition, concave scars can be left by burning. First the desired pattern is applied to the body, then its contours are circled with a special mixture, which is subsequently set on fire.

Another method of scarring familiar to many on historical films and books is branding. In the Middle Ages it was applied to tag livestock. Now this method has been taken up by art scar salons.

Laser and chemical scars can rightly be called the most modern methods of scars on the body. In the first case a laser is used and in the second case nitrogen or other chemical formulations are used.

All these types of scars are carried out under the careful supervision of a specialist, but so far many prefer to perform this procedure at home, neglecting all kinds of safety standards.

What is scarring dangerous?

Scarring is a dangerous enough kind of change in one’s body. First of all, no one can give a guarantee that the drawing will look beautiful.

Secondly, in everyone, the process of skin regeneration occurs differently. In some cases, the scars are simply sucked. In addition, the risk of infection and blood infection is very high.

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