What is harmful to cat wool

Cat’s wool may cause the development of allergic reactions. So many people believe, but in fact the problem is hiding in other reasons.

Allergies to cat wool

Often from people can be heard saying “I’m allergic to cat wool.” But this statement is considered wrong. The allergy is not caused by the animal’s wool, but by saliva, more precisely the protein contained therein. Therefore, there is no difference which breed of cat you choose, to wash yourself is embedded in the genetics of each animal. And that doesn’t mean that you need to put taboos on animals at all.

Scientists have proven that children who live indoors with cats from birth are less susceptible to allergies and asthma. It is related to addictive immunity to allergens.

It is

also noticed that adults with allergies, in constant contact with the animal, get rid of it or observe a decrease in reactions.

Allergists noticed:

One and too animal causes a different degree of reaction. This is due to the fact that in the animal at different periods different concentrations of protein in the blood are released.

Kittens are less allergenic than adult cats.

When neutering the animal, the allergy goes away or becomes less manifested.


Allergy can provoke both cat food or toilet, so when the reaction occurs first you should turn to these moments attention.

Do not forget that from the wool of a pet, and from the animal itself in the room becomes dusty. And if you compare the need to clean the house with and without a cat, in the first case it exceeds at least three times. And dust, in turn, provokes not only allergies, but also the development of bacteria and ticks, it has a more harmful effect.

If, despite the existing allergies, you decided to have a pet, or it manifested itself after the appearance of the cat, first of all, contact an allergist who should recommend passing analysis to confirm the fact of allergies to your animal.

With positive analysis and not being ready to live without your pet, it is possible to reduce the manifestation of allergies with the following measures:

Try to remove other allergens (flowers, various chemicals, use hypoallergenic household chemistry), as collectively it can lead to a severe form of allergies.

Carry out more often dry and then wet cleaning. If possible, use steam cleaning.

If possible, remove the carpets and replace the carpeting.

Wash the cat more often. Don

‘t forget the golden rule: Wash your hands more often.

In the pharmaceutical market there are many drugs capable of relieving signs of allergies. And with competent approach and treatment there is an opportunity not to deprive yourself of the opportunity to have fluffy lumps of happiness.

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