What drink to cook for the New Year

Caribbean Champagne

This popular drink will be an original aperetique and is well suited to light meat and vegetable snacks.

You will need:
– 15ml white rum;
– 15ml banana liqueur;
– 150ml champagne;
– banana.

All ingredients for the cocktail should be pre-cooled.

Pour rum and liquor into a high glass and stir. Add champagne, stirring regularly. Decorate the finished cocktail with the edge of the glass with a slice of banana.


You will need:
– 160 ml of tequila;
– 120 ml of liqueur cuantro;
– 1 lime;
– 1 mango;
– stab ice.

Mango peel and cut into pieces. Put a few pieces of fruit and ice on the bottom of each glass. Squeeze the juice from the lime, pour it into a shaker and add the tequila and cuantro. Whisk the components and pour over the glasses of ice mango. Serve to the cocktail a tube and a small spoon to eat the fruit.

To make cocktails longer like a New Year’s treat, the glasses can be decorated with peel oranges or shiny themed stickers.

Mulled wine

You will need:
– bottle of red wine;
– 3/4 tbsp water;
– 100 g sugar;
– cinnamon stick;
– 1 orange;
– 1 apple;
– 3 tbsp cranberries;
– several carnation inflorescences.

Open the wine and pour with the water into the pan. Bring to a boil, but do not boil. Pour the sugar into the mixture and wait for it to dissolve. Cut the orange with circles along with the peel, peel the apples, remove the core and grind with cubes. Put fruit, cinnamon and cloves to the wine and cook for at least half an hour. Serve mulled wine hot in mugs or glasses with handles. Also note that this recipe can be modified according to your tastes. For example, instead of sugar, honey can be added to wine. The amount and composition of spices also varies. It is also possible to replace wine – mulled wine is brewed and from white wine, although much less often. Best addition to mulled wine bude dry cookies or muffins.

Egg cocktail

You will need:
– 4 eggs;
– 70 g sugar;
– 500 ml milk;
– 200 ml cream;
– 3 tbsp bourbon;
– 1 tsp nutmeg;
– pinch of ground cinnamon.

Break the eggs, separating the proteins from the yolks. Spread the yolks with sugar. Whisk the proteins into a dense foam, then gradually pour the cream, milk and bourbon to them, continuing to whisk that mass. At the end, add the spices and yolks with the sugar. Pour the resulting cocktail on the glasses. For beauty, you can sprinkle a cocktail with chocolate crumb or ground nuts.

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