What animals live on the swams

“The swamp is a deep depression of a huge eye of the earth…” A.


Swamp is a plot of land with increased humidity and acidity, in such places very damp, strong evaporation and at the same time catastrophically lacking oxygen. Also, the swamp is a small world, with its vegetation and inhabitants. There are several types of marshes – riding, lowland, transitional.

Depending on the habitat, many animals spend some time in such places, after which they are removed, $ but there are also permanent residents – representatives of the family of amphibians, such as frogs, toads, newts. Other than that, otters and ondatras, all of them live on the marshes constantly.

Moist-loving mammals live on the edges of the marshes, such as: water rat, polewka. In a similar environment, they feel great. These animals are absolutely not fastidious: shelter is found in mossy clumps, feed on cranberries, blueberries, seeds of various herbs.

Birds on the swamps

Swamp fauna is diverse and suitable for food to many local inhabitants. Fruits and succulent plant stems serve as food for a family of feathers such as, for example, marsh owls, white partridges, ducks, waders. Birds have long fancied the area and are happy to treat berries.

In the stomping upper reaches the grey crane likes to settle. In such a terrain it is protected from civilization, and not every beast can make its way through the trample.

Undoubtedly, the queen of the marshes is the heron. This bird has been fond of such places because it is easy to hide from predators in the bush, and there is always something to treat.

Vasyugan swamps

Vasyugan swamps, located in the west of Siberia, are the largest in the world. They have a highly diverse fauna. Taiga mammals are mostly present on grass-type marshes. It is home to reindeer, golden eagle, squirrel, sable, moose, you can meet wolverine, otter and mink. They settle and live for years on marshes and moose. Summer pastures, where grasses are available in huge numbers, are a favorite place for animals. Closer to winter there appears another inhabitant, it is a hare whitewash, especially to the marshes attracted by willow shoots and sedge. Hare takes great pleasure in feeding on them.

The marshes are inhabited by animals, which are comfortable and cozy among water, bunks, moss and grasses. The swamp is their home, a reliable shelter, an area where they feed and breed. Here life boils, and the diversity of its inhabitants can envy even forests.

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