What animals are whites

White Arctic inhabitants

is a region densely populated by white animals. Here, this color helps in survival: the light hide merges with the surrounding snowy landscape, making it easier to disguise. And “individualities” of these white animals cannot be called. Almost every one of them has other flowers living in the southern latitudes.

Beauty and majesty captures the polar wolf. This subspecies is distributed almost throughout the Arctic territory, has good endurance, ability to adapt to low temperatures and live without food for a few weeks a year. The white wolf hide is heterogeneous: it may have a blue, silvery, brown undertone.

Ideal white hide possesses a sawn (the second name is the polar fox). The animal easily survives extreme temperatures and snow storms, digging long tunnels shelters in snowdrifts. White is a wonderful camouflage, helping to “get lost” in the snow and not become prey for polar owl, polar bear or wolverine.

Pesces are omnivorous animals. Difficult habitat conditions have accustomed the predator to feed on everything that gets in the way. It is established that polar foxes eat more than 20 plants of different species and about 125 varieties of animals.

Spectacular and polar hare (hare whitewash). The fluffy snow-white skin allows you to survive severe frosts and hide from the main danger — human. Other enemies of the animal — owls, wolves, sands and other predators — attack, mostly, older individuals. Due to age, the hindlimbs of the hare are weaker and it cannot escape from the predator. The

cute white animal is the Greenland seal. The main habitat is Arctic waters, predominantly drifting ice. Greenland seals are able to make wide migrations, and during molting and breeding periods prefer “lying on ice”.

Experiments of nature: animal albinos Albinism

is commonly called the absence of the colouring pigment melanin. In the animal world, such a phenomenon is very rare. Albinos are difficult to survive, because the lack of natural coloration is often accompanied by hearing and vision impairment.

Animals albinos in nature do not have easy. These individuals react acutely to sunlight, they do not know how to disguise themselves. They have somewhat dulled basic instincts, making them easy prey.

Animal albinos have an all-white coloration and, often, light eyes (blue or grey). Such “individuals” can appear in almost every form. White koalas, pandas, kangaroos, ferrets, monkeys, etc are known to exist.

However, the whole population of albinos living in Timbawati (South African region) deserves special attention. These animals are considered sacred in Aborigines and never become their prey. Several representatives of the white lions are being held at Johannesburg Zoo.

Scientists call dolphins albinos a miracle of nature. Such a marine resident appears very rarely — once per million individuals. There is just one picture of a white dolphin in the world, taken off Australian shores in 1994.

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