What an epauleta tattoo on the shoulder

The main meaning of the tattoo in the form of epaulettes on the shoulder

“Pogona” on the shoulders can most often be seen in the most reputable arrestants, because the most common the value of such a tattoo is the ultimate refusal to get on the path of correction Such a cape can be seen in the most audacious thieves and murderers, who consider themselves an elite of the underworld.

Not all detainees have the right to wear such tattoos. The presence of epaulettes in this case is a symbol of choice, which immediately shows the surrounding special status of the criminal.

It is

possible to see the image in the form of epaulettes also in young guys who have been a long time in places of deprivation of liberty, differing of maximum security. For example, a minor is entitled to such a tattoo by having spent at least 50 days in a disciplinary detention facility. To emphasize their “merits”, guys often supplement epaulettes with explanatory inscriptions.

Finally, there’s another meaning of such a tattoo. It is chosen by people harshly and implacably opposing themselves and the prison regime, and administrations, and wardens. The most violent of these complement the epaulettes with the inscription Elephant, which means “death by a knife” or characteristic images. Such tattoos are the most rare, because prison officials, identifying them troublemakers, in case of the slightest problems in behavior, can use special means to restrain them. Using such a cap is very risky, and sometimes even stupid. What

a tattoo can look like in the form of epaulettes

The significance of such a tattoo largely depends on the features of the The most common variant is a pattern with a cross. He means that a man is proud of his crimes and considers himself an ideological thief, murderer, etc.

As a rule, the tattoo in the form of epaulettes with a cross is chosen for themselves already adult prisoners rather than juveniles.

Arrests who wish to emphasize their authority, strength, power, aggressiveness choose whole compositions. Typically, they complement epaulettes with images of large predatory cats, snakes, as well as swords, skulls, bones, clawed paws, fangs, barbed wire. Each of these drawings has its own special meaning, but their overall meaning lies in a show of power and power.

Among people openly waging war “on the system”, including the state, police and jailers, there is widespread tattoo in the form of a knife-poked chase with the inscription BV, which means “internal troops.”

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