What a squid looks




squid are part of a detachment of ten-legged cephalopod molluscs, possess four pairs of tentacles, one of which – grasping – provided with chitine rings. Over the years, the rings turn into hooks and become a formidable enough weapon.


The size of the squid is not large, usually in length do not exceed 25-50 centimeters. It is such shellfish that are eaten, although there are also giant squid of non-joke size. The largest, officially recorded by scientists, squid was 17.4 metres long from back to tip tentacles and weighed 500-600 kg. These sizes are comparable to about a five-storey house. Thus, some shellfish can rightly be called the biggest animals living on earth.


Squid have a dense body of cylindrical shape, have a pointed plate resembling a boom in shape. These clams are fine swimmers. Underwater, they move around using a fin or jet, gaining water inside themselves and pushing it out through a small nozzle.


Some small squid are capable of speeds up to 50 km/h, competing only with units from the inhabitants of the oceans, including dolphin, $ sword and tuna. To escape predators, squid can jump out of the water, flying up to 50 meters through the air. Sometimes during flight they get on the deck of the ship, so sailors call them flying squid.


Squid live 1 to 3 years, but giant species can live significantly longer. Some of the shellfish in case of danger eject the ink cloud, disorienting the predator and walking away from the pursuit. Also, an interesting fact is that squid have blood blue color. This feature is inherent in them due to the content in the blood of copper.

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