What a linen louse looks




has a light gray color. The adult female can reach up to 5 mm in length. The male grows no more than 4 mm. The main distinguishing feature of the head lice is long and thin arms, smoothed edges, without deep snakes, segments of the abdomen. If you do not know the description of this insect, it can easily be confused with a bedbug.


Reproduces linen louse very quickly, causing huge discomfort to animals and humans. One adult female can bring more than 300 eggs per life. Lives linen louse for about 1 month.


Dirty blankets, bedding – excellent conditions for reproduction of linen lice. Heat released by humans often serves as an incentive to reproduce. Symptoms of the presence of insects are itching under clothing. Often there is a feeling as if someone is biting. In this case, you should immediately remove your clothes and check them for linen lice.


The reason for the appearance of linen lice in the apartment can be someone else’s or public bedding. The use of foreign clothing is equally dangerous. The consequence of infection can be trench fever or typhoid rash.


You can get rid of linen lice using proven recommendations. For starters, all clothes and bedding should be treated with a special remedy against bloodsucking insects. You can purchase it at a specialized store. Equally effectively getting rid of linen lice will help ordinary washing things at high temperature. After that, the bed linen and clothes should be well dried and ironed. This method can also be used as a method for prevention. It should be noted that nits of linen lice can be on the body of a person. That is why it is necessary to treat the skin with an antipedicular drug. You can purchase it at the pharmacy.

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