Weight Loss Drugs: Recollections

What are weight loss drugs Drugs for


treatment of obesity or weight loss – these are all pharmacological drugs that contribute to reduction or control of body weight. With their help, weight is usually adjusted by reducing appetite, changing metabolism or properly assimilating calories. More often than not, overweight is associated with a lack of physical exertion, with an overeating habit, or with an improper diet. Therefore, if you decide to take such remedies, it will still be necessary to consult a nutritionist who will establish the true cause of excess weight in your body and give the correct recommendations, as the use of weight loss drugs must necessarily be accompanied by increased physical exertion and a strict diet.

Remember that just from taking special drugs there will be little effect, and you face a high probability of side effects.

Feedback on weight reduction drugs

In recent times, people have increasingly started to buy such remedies as “Reduxin”,” Lindax”, “Orlistat” and many others. According to the reviews, these drugs are indeed effective. However, if not to dwell on a particular remedy, it is possible to divide them into diuretic, laxatives, natural, synthetic drugs and BADs.

Diuretic and laxatives mainly remove excess fluid from the body, so before consumption requires mandatory consultation with a doctor, otherwise the consequences will not be very good for you. Your body may just get real dehydration, especially since when taking some such remedies, potassium is completely excreted from the body.

The result may be the disease hypokalemia, which is accompanied by weakness, constipation and arrhythmia.

Laxatives do not contribute to controlling your weight. Over time, the body begins to demand the drug more and uncontrolled use of such remedies leads to colon cancer and death.

You can try natural preparations. These include products such as green tea and coffee. Their effectiveness is not supported by scientific research, although some people believe in it. But it is necessary not to forget that caffeine acts positively only in moderate doses, otherwise it causes increased pressure and insomnia.

You can also try bads and dietary supplements. But remember that they contain extracts of pomerant, and there are chemicals that adversely affect blood pressure, so if you are hypertensive, you are better off refuse to use these means.

There are still synthetic drugs – these are drugs whose efficacy has already been proven. They block the absorption of fats, but remove beneficial substances from the body and cause most people to have liquid stool. Therefore, when visiting a specialist, you will be asked to sit on a diet first and increase physical activity.

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