Wall mounted heating boilers: pros and cons

Types of wall boilers, and their advantages

You decided to install a wall mounted gas boiler? First of all, decide: what are the requirements for the boiler? If you need it to only heat your accommodation, you will be quite comfortable with the simplest and cheapest kind of boiler — single-circuit. When you need it to provide you with hot water for washing dishes and hygienic procedures, as well as heating water in the heating system, you will need a two-circuit boiler. Well, if you have a need for regular large volumes of hot water, then it is worth buying a two-circuit boiler with a boiler.

The characteristic feature of wall mounted gas boilers is a compact design. Such a boiler takes up a little space, which is an undisputed plus, especially if the equipment is installed in a small room.

The wall mounted gas boiler can be immediately connected to the heating radiator, without the use of additional appliances (and associated costs). After all, it is already equipped with all necessary equipment. That is, in fact, it is a miniature boiler room located at home.

Wall mounted gas boilers, due to compact and small weight, can be mounted literally in any room, such as in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet or in any annex, they don’t take up much space.

This consists of their main advantage over floor gas boilers, which according to safety requirements must be in separate non-residential premises.

Wall-mounted boilers cost comparatively inexpensive, so are available to the widest strata of potential buyers. As a rule, the cost of wall boilers is 2 or even 3 times lower than in similar models of floor boilers. However, there are heating models that are expensive, for example equipped with a boiler.

The design of many wall boilers includes circulation pumps and expansion tanks. Therefore, there is no need for an additional heating device for water. With the help of such a wall mounted gas boiler you will provide yourself all year round with hot water, as well as heat.

The variety of wall mounted gas boilers in appearance and color is so great that you will easily choose exactly such equipment, which will fit perfectly into the interior of the room where it will be it is established.

Finally, a wall-mounted gas boiler allows the use of a so-called “coaxial chimney”, that is, a chimney built on the principle of “pipe in pipe”, where the air required to operate the boiler, $ comes on the outside of the pipe, and combustion products are removed on the inner tube.

Cons of wall boilers

Of course, wall boilers have downsides. The main disadvantage of this type of boilers is their limited capacity compared to floor boilers. The maximum total area of the living room, in which you can maintain a comfortable temperature using a wall gas boiler, is 350 square meters. Some heating manuals show even smaller values ranging from 150 to 200 square meters.

However, since the area of the vast majority of private houses in Russia does not exceed the specified values, it is possible to accept this.

Another disadvantage of wall-mounted gas boilers is less reliability compared to floorboards. This is especially true for the second circuit of the GWS (hot water supply). However, with proper installation and operation, the wall-mounted gas boiler will serve long and reliable. To avoid problems in the future, trust the installation of the equipment to a specialist.

Therefore, owners of private houses, as well as residential premises in apartment buildings, who want to reduce heating and hot water costs, should choose in favor of wall gas$ boilers.

Before buying such a boiler, collect the necessary information about manufacturers and sellers of boiler equipment, read customer reviews on various forums on the Internet, take an interest in at acquaintances, perhaps someone has already installed such heating system. High quality, reliability and modern design are different, for example, German boilers of vaillant. Wall mounted gas boilers of baxi, from Italy, also enjoy a good reputation. The products of these manufacturers are easy to operate, durable, easy to mount. There are still a number of manufacturers of imported gas boilers, including from Russia and Belarus, whose products are considered fairly reliable. And remember, a truthful review isn’t advertising, it’s consumer feedback.

In any case, remember that it is not necessary to mount the gas equipment yourself. Contact the gas service specialists. It doesn’t hurt to also put your boiler on service, then it will cost much less to repair it in case of any unforeseen trouble.

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