Useful properties of milk serum

Useful properties of serum

Serum contains a lot of milk protein and lecithin. Its composition includes about 200 items of vitamins of group C, A, E, B, PP, nutrients, biologically active substances. And, of course, the necessary trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus.

The beneficial properties of whey do not depend on where it is cooked — at the dairy plant or at home. The most useful product is a serum made of fresh milk, immediately from a goat or cow, but when there is none, the usual pasteurized will be perfect.

How to cook a milk serum at home

Take fresh milk, pour into a saucepan or large bowl, put in a warm place for a day so that it will sour and become simple. Then put a pan of liquid on a slow heat and bring to a boil.

Don’t let the sour milk boil, or the curd won’t work.

Remove the pan from the heat as soon as the curd flakes appear on the surface. Cool the liquid thoroughly. Take the gauze folded into four layers and strain the cooled mass. The gauze will remain curd, and the milk whey will unhook into the prepared container.

There is another way to quickly prepare dairy whey. Take one lemon, remove the juice from it. Put boil one liter of milk. As soon as it starts to boil, pour lemon juice into it, stir everything very quickly and immediately remove from the stove. Just as in the first way, separate the curd from the liquid. The

serum prepared this way has an additional supply of vitamin C.

Cosmetic properties of dairy serum

Cosmetologists have long used serum to prepare various creams, shampoos, balms , hair masks. In folk cosmetology prescriptions with serum are also used very actively, and the result does not force itself to wait.

To nourish the skin of the face and neck, wipe it daily with a cotton disc dipped with warm serum. To lighten the freckled skin, mix the oily curd (10 -15%) and whey in a 1-to-1 proportion. You need to do such a compress 10 times in a day. Regular application of this whitening allows to achieve a good result.

It is useful to use milk serum for hair – they become silky, their volume increases. In cases of scalp diseases such as seborrhea, weakening of the root system, treatment with milk serum brings good results. Make a mask: take a fresh serum, add burdock root decoction and grated onions. With this composition, rinse your hair, put a warm cap on your head and leave for 30 minutes to warm up.

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