Useful impact of Finnish sauna

For millennia a sauna for every Finn has been considered a sacred place where peace must always reign. Therefore drinking alcohol, clarification of relations or altercation in saunas are not allowed.

The Finns believe the anger in the pair is dissipating. They believe that after visiting the sauna, it is possible to cleanse yourself by getting rid of vices or evil. However, the sauna is also useful from a medical point of view. It is also called a bath of dry heat, where the temperature rises above a hundred degrees. And the humidity rate in saunas does not exceed twenty-five percent.

It is the low level of humidity that helps to easily tolerate heat, unlike Turkish hammam or Russian bath. In the sauna, the body with spirit completely relaxes, strengthens immunity, improves performance, and improves emotional state. As for the physiological mechanism of influence of the Finnish bath, in it there is a warming of the body until abundant sweating occurs.

The high temperature combined with the dry environment causes evaporation of moisture from the skin surfaces. At the same time, the skin is reliably protected from overheating. Activation of this mechanism allows to achieve excellent therapeutic result. The work of sweating glands and thermoregulatory functions of the human body is stimulated, which allows to remove unnecessary slags. Typically, the sauna is constructed of wood, which enhances the therapeutic effect of the procedures.

When the body is steamed, it is necessary to take care of its rapid cooling. For this purpose, the Finns use a shower, a pool or a natural body of water. Sharp temperature jumps put the body in an extreme state. Thanks to such stress, immune protection increases and the heart trains. Therefore, medics recommend visiting the sauna at least once during the week.

Among the advantages of the Finnish sauna are anti-depressive and anti-stress effects. Under the influence of hot air, there is a distillation to the muscles and skin of blood flows. In addition, dry, hot air masses have beneficial effects on bronchi and lung systems. However, it is recommended to use all the benefits of the Finnish sauna in moderation, taking into account the signals transmitted by your body. Long time in a hot steam room and excessive hypothermia can cause serious complications. Regular visits to the sauna help the process of metabolism in the human body, while helping to free the excess fat layer.

Every adult person, during one such visit with a huge amount of sweat loses between half and a couple of kg along with its decay products, numerous toxins as well as dairy acid. Therefore, the therapeutic properties of the sauna are used by physicians for a full and basic course of treatment of various diseases or ailments.

In order to achieve the maximum effect of visits to the Finnish bath, specific rules must be taken into account. You can’t wet your head, which can cause it to overheat. The most correct solution in the steam room will be to get away on one of the lower shelves and try to relax the muscles as much as possible. Drinking in the sauna is better than herbal decoction, which is prepared from hawthorn, strawberry, rosehip and currants with melissa. After the vaping procedure is complete, a half-hour rest is required.

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