Tips for aspiring businessmen


Determine. Consider whether you’re prepared for hardship and failure, whether you’re capable of wasting all your time. Imagine yourself in another person’s shoes and ask yourself the question, “Do I want to deal with a business partner like that?” If the answer to this question is affirmative, then safely go free swimming.


Make a business plan. You have to clearly imagine what and in what sequence you’re going to do. Do a marketing study to find out how much the buyer is interested in what you’re going to offer him. Look at what kind of competitors you have and think you have one that they don’t have.


Choose your start. There are several options for this:
– Small Entrepreneurship Support Program. Existing programs will allow you to benefit from the rental of premises, purchase of equipment and other matters of organization of work. In different regions, there are special business incubators.

– Start from scratch. It’s the most time-consuming option to start your business, especially if you’ve never rotated in that environment before. Think through all the risks well, find opportunities to attract investors. You have to be prepared for having to spend seed capital and possibly get into debt. And yet jerk off, because if you firmly know what you want and how to achieve it, you are simply doomed to success.

– Purchase a ready business. Now quite a few options of the finished case are being sold. Choose what you like more. Here you will already have staff, premises, suppliers. Dispel this case, bring something new to it, increase your advantage over competitors.

– Purchase a franchise. After signing a contract with a franchisor company, you acquire the right to use its name, licenses, technologies. The name of the famous brand will work on you.

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