Than grease the wheels on a baby stroller


small person who comes to light requires a large number of things. These are both diaper and accessories to bathe and swaddle the baby, and, of course, a stroller. It can be called an indispensable assistant in the education of a baby: sitting in a stroller, you can easily see the world around you or just sleep during a walk.

Sleep in the fresh air for the child is very useful, and caring parents will try to provide all conditions for it.

How to provide a long life

for a

baby stroller to last longer, and would look no worse than a new one, behind it will need to be well cared for. It’s best to get used to combining daily care with committing prevention once a month. The parts should be washed as contamination, the fabric elements should be washed, regularly inspected the anchorages, and most importantly – to process the wheels. All movable elements, wheel axles ends, bearings must be greased. If you don’t pay enough attention, the wheels will be very unpleasant to squeak, and this sound will not let the child sleep.

What is better to lubricate wheels at strollers It depends on what material they’re made of. Modern strollers are almost all produced with wheels made of plastic, but not all bushings are made of metal.

Which wheel grease is better to use

Recommended to choose thick lubrication – the best is LITOL, CYATIM, you can use solidol. These formulations are well applied and do not come off for quite a while, unlike conventional industrial oil, which is used to lubricate door locks. The plastic, of which the wheels are made, from such grease does not spoil.

Thick elastic lubricants, like machine oil, are considered the optimal option for lubrication – it’s both efficient, safe and long.

It is

very desirable to remove the wheels from the axles before treatment, and the axles themselves should be washed and dried. In emergency cases, you can do without this, that is simply drop oil several times in the slit between the inner limiter and the wheel. But with this method of application, the lubricant comes off faster.

Almost all the wheels for baby carriages are made of plastic, but the bushings in them are made of other materials. If there is a metal sleeve in the wheel, it is better to remove it, rinse in kerosene or petrol, then grease it.

When lubricating, it is necessary to ensure that the oil is distributed evenly among the moving parts. When everything is ready, the excess must be removed using a cloth cloth cloth, otherwise the oil can soak the clothes. In good faith with respect to regular maintenance of the stroller, it will not only last longer, but also during its operation, it is possible not to fear unexpected problems. Generally, it’s minor nuisances that can have pretty nasty consequences, sort of like unfastening seatbelt fixers.

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