Than dangerously prolonged abstinence from sex in men

Sexual abstinence in men: “pro” and “con”

There is a view that if a man cannot conceive a child for a long time, one must refrain from intercourse, and then the chance of successful conception increases. This can be explained by the fact that during the period when a man abstains from sexual contact, sex cells accumulate in the body. Sometimes such a method produces a positive result. But not everyone is in favor of this method, there are also those who argue that men leading an active sex life have sperm quality times better than those of abstinence advocates.

In Israel, studies have been conducted, which have revealed male sperm donors, because of abstinence, the quality of this fluid is reduced. Scientists took more than seven thousand samples of sperm and found that as a consequence of abstinence, during sexual contact only the amount of seminal fluid increases, and this has no effect on the quality of conception, on the contrary, sperm mobility decreases dramatically.

Medicine now argues that abstinence, in most cases, is detrimental to men’s health. Regular sex positively affects the endocrine system and even strengthens the heart muscle.

If a man is 40 years old, sex is especially important for him, it is he who contributes to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Long – term absence of sex in men, and its consequences

Is long – term abstinence from sex harmful, whether it entails prostatitis development, $ premature ejaculation, mood swings or depression? Research in medicine claims that men can be divided into two types. The first type is men leading an active sex life, who respond to abandoning it painfully. The second type includes men with different priorities in life. Abstinence is not an issue for them and does not affect their mood or health in any way. The

degree of harm that abstinence can cause is directly dependent on a man’s age, the older he is, the more dangerous a long and unfounded sexual restriction becomes to him.

If a man after forty abstains from sex, it can lead to consequences such as prostate adenoma development, stagnation events, increased probability development of cancerous tumors.

There is

no meaningful benefit from restrictions in sex, and the only reason that can be really weighty is breaking up with a wife or girlfriend. But abstinence from promiscuous sex is always useful. It is better for a long time not to leave your beloved and not to deny yourself and her sexual pleasure. Especially, it has long been proven that abstinence entails moral suppression, bad mood and even depression.

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