Than dangerously long wearing contact lens

Lovely alternative to glasses: myth or reality?

Contact lenses are a perfect invention, with which you can easily hide the visual defect and abandon the glasses. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of products depending on the period of wear, cost, material structure and other factors.

But not everyone knows that when using contact lenses there is a risk of significantly spoiling their vision. Manufacturers try to silence this kind of information so that sales turnover does not fall. Typically, those who fail to follow care rules and use the same pair of lenses for a long time are exposed to the risks.

It is not recommended often to use lenses with decorative coating, pattern or spiral form, as the interaction of coloring substances negatively affects visual acuity and eye condition in general.

The danger of wearing contact lenses

The main danger of long wearing lenses is the development of microbial keratitis. Poor quality care and cleaning of contact lenses leads to rapid reproduction of malicious microorganisms that provoke the onset of infectious eye diseases. Long wearing old lenses can lead to scarring of the eye tissue and even complete loss of vision.

Increase the likelihood of developing infectious lesion eye injury, chronic diseases, smoking, surgery, steroid use.

Conjunctivitis is a fairly common disease that occurs due to long wearing of lenses and lack of proper care. If there are mucous secretions, burning and itching in the eye area, you should immediately remove the lenses and consult a doctor.

The next problem of prolonged contact lens wear is insufficient oxygen supply, which is necessary for eyeballs. Even the most “breathable” lens models are incapable of providing a normal flow of oxygen. As a result, by the end of the day there is discomfort, dry eyes. During prolonged wear of the lenses, necrosis or tissue dieback develops.

In no case can you wear lenses round the clock.

Long wearing lenses often results in mechanical damage to the cornea of the eye. First there is a slight ulceration and redness of the eye, which is accompanied by painful sensations. To eliminate such symptoms, it is necessary to use antibiotics of local and general effect, which will preserve vision.

Constant use of contact lenses causes it to become addictive to having a foreign body in the eyes. The dense layer of material does not allow the eyelids to be completely fledged, which significantly reduces the level of protection of the eyes and thus increases the risk of various injuries in a traumatic situation.

Before buying contact lenses, all advantages and disadvantages should be assessed so that there are no adverse consequences. Consult your watching doctor about the most appropriate vision correction option.

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