Than cheap toothpaste differs from price

Choosing toothpaste, few people think about the reason for such interesting price differences, trying to follow their own intuition, advice from acquaintances and friends, advertising ploys and impressions.$

Low cost pastes The

first thought concerning the question of the relationship between price and quality of toothpaste is the presence of a more complex composition. Typically, inexpensive copies include the simplest abrasives, chalk and a variety of cheap fragrances. Manufacturing technology and other costs included in the cost structure play a big role, which is why the consumer often has to overpay for the world name and widely touted brand.

It is necessary to pay tribute to Russian toothpastes, which tend to be more modest price characteristics; they produce very good results, especially if their production were met the requirements of so-called GOSTs.

It should be noted that coarse abrasive materials used in the manufacture of inexpensive toothpastes not only have no visible effect, but can also injure tooth enamel.

More expensive and sparing silicon dioxide is able to give a stronger visual cleaning and polishing effect and at the same time does not injure sensitive to such a the kind of exposure to teeth. Many pastes contain special enzymes designed to split food residues and simultaneously polish enamel without the dangerous effects of abrasives, the cost of such pastes a priori higher cost habitual instances.

Increasing the price of the product

In addition, pastes may contain additional impurities that directly affect the cost of the selected object, these include antibacterial effect triclasan, chlorhexidine, fluorine, cheaper and not at all beneficial to the body sodium lauryl sulfate, as well as essential oils, natural herbs with soothing effect , salts and even color and flavor enhancers, such as mint and lemon.

Without being a necessary component, they, along with the type of tuba applied, can significantly increase the production value and therefore the retail value of the selected pastes.

In order to make the right choice that will not hit the wallet and at the same time bring the expected result, it is necessary to abstract from the impact of promotions and tricks and learn to read the composition, because even inexpensive paste can give the expected result and bring tangible benefits.

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