Stone pomegranates: magical and medicinal properties

Pomegranate stone was found a very long time ago. Mention of it can be found in manuscripts of medieval scholars. The mineral was popular in Europe, Arabia, Persia.

He was often found in decorations that created in the territory of Ancient Scythia. In ancient Rome, the garnet was called the carbuncle and the Hellenes called it anfrass.

Believed in the magical properties of the crusader grenade. On their many hikes, they took mineral with them. Believed that he was a symbol of valor, strength. In Christianity, stone was used as decoration. With his help created icons, bindings for manuscripts and church utensils. In Russia the stone was called “bechet”, “worm yahont”.

It is worth noting that in ancient times it was common to mine the garnet of red color. Thanks to this it got its name. But a few decades later, it emerged that the gems could be yellow, pink and purple. Black and green garnet can be found. But such crystals come across very rarely.


gemstone of pomegranates became only after the 17th century. Until that time especially much appreciated was not its value, but therapeutic and magical properties.


healing properties


Garnet, like many other minerals, is able to help with the treatment of certain diseases. Its healing qualities have been seen as early as ancient Greece.

  1. With the help of a grenade, wounds can be healed.
  2. Stone helps in the fight against inflammatory processes.
  3. The

  4. mineral is thought to help get rid of headaches.
  5. It

  6. is able to reduce pain caused by allergies.
  7. Control of GI diseases is another therapeutic properties of pomegranate.
  8. The

  9. mineral is able to cope with disorders in the cardiovascular system.

In ancient times, the grenade was thought to be a magic stone with which to stop the bleeding. To do this, the mineral had to be applied to the cut. Self color will not only heal, but also add strength.

Magical properties


Garnet in ancient times were regularly used in mystical practices. He is able to fuel his owner with energy, give him strength. This is why the crusaders often wore a grenade ring.

Crystal possesses a very ancient magic that will only patronize strong people. The mineral owner needs to know what he wants to achieve. Also, he has a duty to fight for a good deed. Otherwise, the gemolor will not benefit his ward.

Creative people will take full advantage of the magical properties of the grenade. It will help those who bring something new to their activities, without being afraid to take risks and constantly moving forward. But scammers and schemers are not recommended to wear gems.

The red stone will help people who seek self-development. But the owners of the mineral have to understand what exactly they want to achieve.

Garnet has the following properties.

  1. With it you can find in your surroundings the enemy.
  2. It

  3. is capable of safe from the water from hazards.
  4. Pomegranate represents love. So it helps the romantics win the hearts of girls.
  5. Gem markedly enhances charisma.

In the magical properties of the grenade lurks danger. The stone is able to repeatedly enhance the primal nature of the person. It can awaken a predator in it. Therefore, it is not worth wearing too aggressive people.

Whom fits

Garnet is a friendly stone. But in doing so astrologers don’t advise carrying the mineral too often. Otherwise, the powerful energy of the stone will start to harm.

Suitable pomegranates almost everything. Scorpions and Aquarius he will help to calm his temperament and concentrate on some one task. Sagittarians with the help of the mineral will stop making nonsense, rash acts. The Lions will become more prudent and the Aries will gain confidence and determination.

Gemini stone will give stability and good luck in professional activity. Scales will get rid of the robustness and shyness, and the Virgo will finally find their soulmate.

Perfect mineral suited Capricorns. He will fuel his owner with energy. Garnet will help you advance the career ladder and get to know the right people.

Pomegranate is not recommended for women born under the sign of Taurus. Do not purchase the mineral and Rakam. The stone will bring them a sense of discomfort. Because of him, representatives of these signs can become depressed.

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