Stone lapuli: magical and medicinal properties

Around the lazuli stone walks a huge number of legends. According to mineralogists, for the first time the gemcolor was found more than 3 thousand years ago in the territory of The crystal was discovered entirely by accident during marble mining.

Lazuli instantly attracted the attention of the kings. For a long period of time it was worn only by influential individuals. Slaves who extracted minerals were killed so they wouldn’t take the stone to themselves.

In ancient Egypt, the lazuli stone was considered sacred. He was associated with the god Amon-Ra. The rings with the mineral were worn by the chief judges. Gems were put in the grave so that Osiris judged the dead fairly. It was in the tomb that archaeologists found the most ancient mineral. Lazurit was decorated with Tutankhamun’s funerary mask.

In Russia stone became popular thanks to Ivan the Terrible.

The magical properties of lapuli

Crystal of heavenly color will suit people who seek positive changes in their lives, but are not able to take the first step towards leaving the zone comfort. Lazuli is a beautiful guardian and assistant. He fills his owner with power, energy.

The stone has another reasonably good magical property. Lazuli is able to purify the environment of enviers and personalities who wish the owner of the mineral harm.

According to legends, the gems are recommended to acquire if you do not get pregnant. With it, desire is realized. The birth will take place without complications, the baby will be born completely healthy.


magical properties of lazuli are as follows:

  1. With it you can increase intuition and insight;
  2. Stone will help to recognize that a person is lying;
  3. Relationships thanks to a mineral become stronger and more stable;
  4. Single people with the help of crystal will find their love;
  5. Lazuli helps to gain spiritual balance;
  6. Stone will reveal talents and help to find inspiration;
  7. Using a mineral, you can get rid of stress, calm down.


healing properties of lazuli

Stone has not only magical qualities. It can be used in medicine. According to lithotherapists, the mineral has a positive effect on the health of its owner.

In ancient years the mineral in powdered form was used as an antidote. There are legends that with the help of lazuli you can cope with a variety of poisonings that cause vomiting.

Helped lapuli gain weight if the body was very severely depleted. In the East, the stone was used as a mascot. It was given to the pregnant wives of the sultan. People believed that due to the impact of stone the woman will give birth to a healthy and strong baby.


healing properties of lazuli are as follows:

  1. Strengthens vision if you regularly look at the mineral;
  2. Helps to calm down;
  3. Improves sleep;
  4. Earrings made of lazuli will make hair healthier, increase their volume;
  5. Nugget helps normalize thyroid activity;
  6. With the help of a crystal, it is possible to stop bleeding.

Asthmatics lithotherapists recommend buying a lapuli bracelet and wearing it on the right hand.

Who fits lapuli

There is an opinion that it is best to wear stone to single girls. With the help of the mineral, they will be able to find a soulmate and find family happiness. A ring with a self-color will make the relationship stronger and more stable.

Who fits the sign of the Zodiac stone lapis lazuli? According to astrologers, almost all people can carry the mineral. However, it is not recommended to acquire Capricorns. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac, the lazuli stone will only hurt.

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