Stone Aquamarine: magical and medicinal properties

In long ago, only sailors used aquamarine. They believed that the stone presented Poseidon to the people. Therefore, the mineral was taken on sea trips to protect itself from storms. Over time, the beautiful mineral attracted the attention of jewelers. It began to be used in the creation of precious products.

Over the years, aquamarine’s popularity has not only unabated. It was on the contrary increasing. He can be seen in the Pope’s headdress. There is a scepter on the territory of the Kremlin, which is made entirely of aquamarine. Used stone in his works and FabergĂ©.


therapeutic properties


Aquamarine have unique qualities. Only the kind of stone gives the owner optimism, hope for a happy future. Since ancient times it is thought that stone aquamarine is a powerful biostimulant.

  1. Helps mineral if there are problems with joints, veins. To get rid of them, you need to buy a bracelet
  2. Aquamarine earrings will help in the restoration of vision.
  3. If there are breathing problems, it is recommended to purchase a pendant with a mineral.
  4. Green aquamarine helps if there are heart problems.
  5. Decorations with mineral are worth wearing on the solar plexus for spasms.
  6. The ring helps to deal with skin problems.
  7. Aquamarine beads will help restore sleep.


mineral helps restore the water balance. With it, it will be possible to cope with apathy. Helps the stone strengthen immunity and remove toxins from the body. It will also help if it is often headache.

The magical properties of

Aquamarine have a number of unique qualities. According to esotericists, the mineral is able to affect not only the physical body, but also the astral.

  1. Aquamarine forms a barrier that will protect against negative thoughts and emotions. With it it will be possible to cope with spoilage. It is a wonderful guard against energy vampires.
  2. The stone will help resolve the conflict. He markedly improves oratory ability. Therefore, any problems can be resolved peacefully.
  3. With the help of an aquamarine bracelet you can cope with fears, anxiety. The mineral will increase confidence in itself and its own abilities.
  4. Exposing lies is another magical property of aquamarine stone.
  5. The

  6. mineral helps unlock creativity.
  7. He is a wonderful protector of lovers. Helps to cope with temptations. In a long time, lovers gave each other rings with aquamarine.

Suitable for whom?

Aquamarine is ideal for many signs of the Zodiac. But not everyone will be able to take advantage of the stone’s properties in full. For example, Taurus and Sagittarians should use the stone carefully. Aquamarine represents calm. Therefore, introverts with self-color need to be treated with special neatness.

Aquamarine scorpions will help to get rid of excessive flaredness and aggressiveness. The crayfish should acquire a stone to achieve inner harmony and attract some luck into their lives.

Virgo with the help of aquamarine stone will be able to improve intuition, develop communication skills. Thanks to the mineral they will begin to understand those around them Aquamarine Aquamarine will help to unlock creative potential in full. Taurus about buying stone should think about in case they are prone to unnecessary self-digging.

The scales thanks to the mineral will gain decisiveness. Fish will finally be able to set their goals, prioritize and calm down. Sagittarians, Ovnam, Lions and Gemini Aquamarine are too often discouraged.

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