Stone apatite: magical and healing properties

Translated from Greek apatite means “deception”. In ancient Greece, the mineral was not expensive. Absolutely everyone could afford it. However, after cutting it completely transformed. And there were always crooks who gave out apatite for other minerals. For example, it was sold claiming it was topaz. As a result, the mineral and got its name.


hue of self-color depends on a variety of impurities. A stone of pink, purple, blue and red can be found. Usually the mineral is translucent. Apatite is distinguished by a large set of magical and medicinal properties. Therefore, it is worn by many people as a mascot.

The magical properties


Apatite has many qualities, thanks to which it is able to become a wonderful amulet.


  1. mineral is able to open the gift of foresight. Usually the owner of the stone is visited by dreams that later begin to come true.
  2. Stone can significantly enhance intuition.
  3. The mineral protects against spoilage, helps to get rid of negative emotions.
  4. With the help of self-color, it is possible to gain inner harmony.
  5. The stone will protect against spirits that can attack a person while sleeping.

Gem has positive, clean energy. Therefore, in black magic, he is absolutely useless. Nor will it benefit those people who feel negative towards others. It is not recommended to be worn by liars and devious personalities.


healing properties


  1. Apatite may be useful not only as a protector against spoilage. With it, health can be enhanced. The crystal is a kind of indicator. If a person gets sick, the mineral will immediately go extinct. In this case it is necessary to undergo a medical examination.
  2. The stone will help get rid of the negative mood. He boosts optimism. This property is distinguished by green apatite.
  3. Blue self-color helps to gain harmony, mental balance. This quality can be enhanced if you buy rhinestone.
  4. The blue crystal will help uncover talent.
  5. Yellow gems have a beneficial effect on the work of the heart.

It is necessary to take a responsible approach to buying a product with a mineral. Efficiency of therapeutic properties will depend on this.

  1. Apatite in the form of a pendant will help cope with breathing related diseases.
  2. From migraines will help to get rid of the necklace, when creating which was used self-color. In addition, this product will help in case of sore throat.
  3. Bracelet with apatitis will improve the process of assimilation of calcium by the body.

It is not recommended to carry the mineral permanently. In order that the self-color does not begin to harm the health of the owner, it must be removed before bed. Periodically, energy cleanups need to

To whom Apatite fits

can not be worn by everyone. Some people he will help more, some people will help less. The mineral is ideal for representatives of signs such as Aries and Lions. Fully therapeutic and magical properties of apatitis will be able to take advantage of Sagittarii. With the crystal, they will become more determined.

The stone is not suitable for people born under the sign of Pisces. Stone can drive them into depression, increase lethargy and apathy. There is a risk of losing interest in life.

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