Stone amethyst: magical and healing properties

The popularity of amethyst has a lot to do with its beauty, luxurious purple color. That is why it could often be seen in kings, rich men, hierarchs. For ordinary people, self-color only became available in the 18th century.

According to the assumptions of scientists, the amethyst stone appeared very long ago. Its properties were studied back in the time of the Sumers. In ancient Egypt, the gems were used as interior decoration. In China, bowls and various vessels were made of the mineral.

The name stone came up with in ancient Greece. Amethyst means “sober.” According to legends, the mineral was taken with them on feasts so as not to get drunk.

Therapeutic properties

Amethyst has a large set of healing qualities. It was often used by lithotherapists in their practices. According to scientists, it is possible to enhance the production of a variety of hormones by means of self-color. In addition, with the help of stone it will be possible to normalize the functioning of endocrine glands. Self-color affects the nervous system as well.


therapeutic properties of amethyst are as follows.

  1. It helps to cope with stomach and bowel diseases.
  2. With it, it is possible to eliminate problems related to the skin.
  3. If you put an amethyst stone in the water overnight and drink it in the morning, you can eliminate liver and kidney problems.
  4. Helps the mineral if the joints hurt.
  5. According to lithotherapists, amethyst will help restore hearing and cure of insomnia.
  6. Makes a stone with a migraine fine.
  7. The

  8. mineral helps get rid of stresses.
  9. Helping with alcoholism is the main therapeutic property of amethyst, after which it received its name.

It should be understood that only natural mineral possesses all healing qualities. There won’t be a fake.

The magical properties


Amethyst have not only therapeutic qualities, but also magical ones. The mineral is the epitome of spiritual purity, devotion to one’s own principles. With it you can cope with bad preconceptions, excessive anxiety.


amethyst stone is a symbol of harmony and rest. It is possible to protect against spoilage and avoid conflicts. However, if quarrels failed to prevent, the stone is better removed. Otherwise, it could tune in to negative energy.

  1. The stone gives its owner a sense of foresight.
  2. Having a self-color, you can understand which of the environment treats you disingenuously.
  3. Preserving youth, beauty is another magical property of amethyst.
  4. If you wear a stone constantly, you can get rid of the negative.
  5. The

  6. mineral is suitable for flashy people. With it, you can reduce irritability. Amethyst will help calm down in a stressful situation.
  7. Self-color in the form of a heart can strengthen love, mutual feelings. But also the family is capable of destroying. It all depends on who exactly gave the stone.

To whom Amethyst fit

can be worn almost anything. The main condition is the absence of sneaky thoughts, mendacity and guile. All the negative stone can reflect on its owner. But still there are people for whom the gems will be the perfect mascot.

Astrologers recommend wearing amethyst to representatives of signs such as Aquarius, Libra and Gemini. With the help of stone they will attract luck in their lives, can reveal their talents.

Rovnam and Sagittarians gems will help to cope with character features such as selfishness and inclination to conflict. Devam, Capricorns and Taurus amethyst is able to strengthen the strength of spirit. Representatives of these signs will become more confident and determined.

Fish, Scorpions and Crayfish with the help of amulet made of amethyst will cope with negative thinking, gain calm and harmony. Lions stone will help only if you have to cope with some disease.

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