Stone alexandrite: magical and medicinal properties

Stone alexandrite appeared relatively recently. It was first described in 1832. But in those days, mineralogists felt they had simply found a new variety of emerald. This is due to the fact that the stone was found on an emerald mine near Yekaterinburg.

The mineral was subsequently donated to Alexander the Second in 1834. And it was in honor of the king that the stone received its name. After Alexander’s murder, the mineral began to be called the “imperial stone”.


therapeutic properties of

Alexandrite has a large set of beneficial qualities. It can be used in the treatment of a variety of diseases.

  1. The mineral contributes to the cleaning of blood vessels. It is possible to combat a disease such as varicosis.
  2. Stone is able to improve the work of the GI
  3. Getting rid of stress and insomnia is another useful therapeutic property of alexandrite.
  4. Stone helps to cope with alcohol addiction.
  5. The mineral can be used to boost mood and performance.
  6. Helps to cope with skin diseases.

In order to get rid of alcohol addiction, lithotherapists advise drinking water that is insisted on alexandrite. To do this, it is necessary to place the pendant with the mineral in a glass of water overnight. In the morning, water is recommended to drink before eating food.

Carrying a mineral too often is not worth it. It is recommended to put on or take it in your hands only if necessary. Only natural mineral has therapeutic properties. According to lithotherapists, alexandritis is most effective during the daytime.

The magical properties of

Alexandrite has a large set of mystical qualities. But it suits only strong-willed, strong personalities. A weak man will hurt the mineral.

  1. The stone is called a prophet. But only the bad is capable of predicting. Alexandrite warns of danger by changing his color from green to scarlet during daylight hours. By this he reports on problems that are connected with circulation. It warns about life’s difficulties by acquiring a yellow shade.
  2. Alexandrite is able to attract luck into his owner’s life. Therefore, wearing it is recommended to adventurers and people whose activities involve danger.
  3. Stone helps to reveal talents, give inspiration. Therefore, it will be perfect for creative naturas.
  4. The magical properties of alexandrite can harm people who choose to live a quiet, quiet life.

Who does alexandrite fit? The mineral is best worn by representatives of water and terrestrial signs of the Zodiac. Gemini, Aquarius, Oven, Taurus, Fish and Scorpions stone will bring luck, glory and prosperity. It costs Devas, Sagittarians and Raks to refuse to buy the mineral.

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