Slimming Coffee: Truth and Myths

General information about coffee

Green coffee is nothing more than fresh coffee beans after a cleaning and drying procedure. The only thing that distinguishes it from regular coffee consumed daily is the lack of subsequent heat treatment of the grains. As such, it has special color qualities represented by different shades of green. This type of coffee has a light unobtrusive flavor and a slightly herbal flavor.

Eating green coffee as a slimming method

Thanks to the content of a large amount of caffeine, green coffee beans really have a direct effect on the body human, performing the following functions:

– reduction of blood clotting;
– activation of tissue oxidation processes
– increase of mental excitability;
– improvement concentration of attention
– raising mood
– Detention of the onset of fatigue.

By acting through the sympatoadrenal system, coffee contributes to increased contractility of the heart muscle and increased the rate of release of fatty acids. Because of this, it is used as an energy substrate during aerobic loads.

Accordingly, many nutritionists recommend drinking quality coffee and tea in order to significantly lose weight. Through numerous studies, it has been revealed that caffeine stimulates the breakdown of glycogen, releasing sugar into the blood. Sugar, in turn, endows the body with a sense of satiety, vivacity, energy and inner warmth.

Very noticeable is the wanton disappearance of hunger for a few hours after drinking coffee on an empty scale.

Green coffee has the function of stimulating the breakdown of subcutaneous fat cells but only with associated physical activity. It offers only additional stimulating assistance in splitting subcutaneous fat during aerobic loads.

The best effect is provided by sports in the morning on the ground with a minimum supply of glycogen.

Another important feature of green coffee is “chlorogenic acid”, which has an antioxidant property. She is also active in fat burning. It is important to note that this acid is only able to function until heat treatment.

Thus, to achieve the desired effect, green coffee needs to be consumed only as an extract. It is better not to trust in the miraculous effect of green coffee, because it does not have a significant impact without active physical exertion.

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