Selecting a hand cutter

Varieties of milling

machines by way of operation distinguish the top, edge and lamel milling. In turn, the upper milling is divided into submersible and stationary. Submersible allows to work with a cutter without breaking off from the material โ€” the engine of the device slides along special guides and thanks to special rigid springs allows to lift and lower the cutter. This type of tool is good for any masters, even beginners. The

professional miller differs from the domestic presence of additional devices and the material used to manufacture its functional parts.

Edge milling machines are used to handle the edges of workpieces and chamfering. Lamel machine will help to produce special slots for connecting blanks.

Selecting a tool

Choosing a tool, you should pay attention to its main characteristics โ€” power, speed, presence of a locking mechanism of the switch, sangs, presence of dust suction function, sole quality and rod mechanism quality.

The power of the tool is determined by the fact that the engine is subjected to a significant load when working โ€” the more often the tool is used, the less life will be In the case of milling machines, this statement is especially relevant, as all guide parts, gearboxes and cutters are fixed to the engine. Hence, the more powerful the engine, the better for this kind of device. Also, great attention should be paid to the speed of work โ€” the higher the speed, the larger the set of materials and wood species the tool can process. The minimum speed is 7000 per minute, but some devices allow you to adjust this setting.

Low-power milling machines heat up very quickly and have a short lifespan.

When choosing a tool, you should also pay attention to the sangka used for clamping cutters. It is best to buy a device with parts made of hardened steel. It is also desirable to have the possibility of quick replacement of the canga if necessary.

Equally important for the device ergonomics – before buying try to take the tool in hand. Determine whether installed rubber pads, handles, whether the start button is properly positioned and whether there is protection against accidental pressing. Also note the presence of a reception tube that will allow connecting a vacuum cleaner hose to the device. Some models are initially supplied with a dust suction function.

When choosing a manual cutter, it is worth paying attention to its kit. Whether there is a parallel emphasis capable of ensuring the smooth running of the miller, whether there is a bushing and how it is fixed. It is ideal that it is equipped with a quick clamping mechanism, which will allow you to avoid some problems in the processing of the part. A good addition to the tool will be a circular for working with radius parts. It should be noted that the richer the equipment, the higher its price.

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