Scandinavian countries: features of mentality

Nature cult

One of the main features of Scandinavians is the love of nature, squared. And it’s not just responsibility and frugality. In Scandinavia, the cult of ecology has been instilled since childhood. That’s why these northern countries are famous for the purest forests and bodies of water, suitable for drinking, eco-friendly products, clothing. In their cities, there are plenty of greenery and non-moody wild birds, somewhere in the center of Stockholm you can easily stumble upon a hare, and in architecture and design the environment often used wood.

Short non-hot summers in Scandinavia are replaced by a long dark winter, prompting reflection and contemplation. Northern peoples are prudent, leisurely and relaxed. Life flows quietly and peacefully and does not suggest uncertainties and unrest. Decent salaries, guaranteed pensions and benefits, carefree old age… Everything is definite and predictable.

Job – wolf Most of

all Scandinavians fear losing their jobs. Conscientious and responsible, not prone to lateness and truancy, nor to recycling, they are devoted to their cause. On weekdays on the streets of Copenhagen or Oslo, you won’t meet drunks. And here on the weekend – as much as you want! Scandinavians really like to relax in bars, drink easily and lots. And as easily, as in anything, on Monday without delay go to work.

Trade unions are strongly influenced in the Nordic countries. It’s not so easy to fire a worker even for serious responsibility. And the well-established ones are given all support and bonuses. Up to the fact that, for example, the employee can pay for the purchase of a new pair of shoes — for proper appearance in the workplace.

Clear eye — strong tooth

Scandinavians are friendly and cheerful. On the street, it’s hard to meet a frown man. Often these are people with good skin and teeth, shiny blond hair, clear eyes and a satisfied look. Sports lifestyle is cultivated in Scandinavia. Cities have no shortage in swimming pools, sports complexes and stadiums. And visiting these establishments costs a penny.

Despite external openness and affability, Scandinavians respect their personal space and treat others as well. It is not customary here to gossip, to be interested in anyone’s personal life, and to consider each other on the street. Close outspoken views are avoided.

Scandinavians, despite their high standard of living, are unpretentious in food and clothing. And having an expensive car or bike is considered something almost indecent.

Children in Scandinavia are idolized. They’re allowed everything. They are loved and want to have a lot. In Sweden, for example, dads often sit on paternity leave.

Tourists Scandinavians are honored and loved. Traveling through small rural towns, you can taste northern hospitality, staying overnight at one of the farms. You will be so glad that you will provide free overnight accommodation and even give fresh food on the road. Always without hesitation ask locals for help – they will be happy to explain something or simply communicate with foreigners.

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