Safe summer holiday rules in 2020

Having accepted the fact that the vaccine against COVID-19 has not yet been invented, you can start building plans for the near future. Projections for the development of this crucial anti-infection weapon are cautious. Sometimes the earliest time for creating artificial reliable contagion protection will be the end of this year. Specialists of the National Research Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after M. Gamalei. Alexander Ginzburg, head of the scientific institution, said the vaccine would be ready by the end of summer 2020. He himself took part in the trial of his development.

The words of the scientist inspire confidence, but to inoculate against a dangerous illness in August most of those wishing will not succeed. At risk groups will be the first to receive the vaccine: medics who work in hospital infectious departments and elderly people with chronic illnesses.

Protection from COVID-19

Until every person can get vaccinated against coronavirus, those who have not suffered the disease will have to monitor their own safety of their pastime. They are better off avoiding:

  • large clusters of people in poorly ventilated spaces;
  • trips to countries where health care is not credible;
  • attempts to be treated for what can be mistaken for a cold, at home.

If a person is ill with a coronavirus in a mild form and is immune to the disease, they may not be afraid of contact with potential carriers of the infection. However, neither should he relax. Sars-COV-2 can proceed symptom-free but have a negative effect on the respiratory system. During CT scans, lung tissue lesions were identified to patients with coronavirus. How quickly health will be fully restored is not known. How big the risk of getting a complication in the form of pneumonia, which will become fungi and bacteria, is not known either. Any malaise should force people who have suffered coronavirus to seek professional help from medical facilities.


Versions that one of the causes of severe disease is hypovitaminosis have not been justified. You can buy vitamin drugs in the pharmacy without a prescription, but take them only after consultation with the attending doctor, otherwise there is a great risk to cause your body serious harm. Cautious comrades will try to “strengthen immunity” by applying on vegetables and fruits. Diet like that can deliver trouble too. If the diet shifts towards vegetarian, the protective functions of the body will affect negatively. Exotic fetuses can cause allergic reactions.

No need to experiment with your food habits. It is worth preserving the tradition of eating hot homemade dishes, which developed during a period of self-isolation. Stocks of cereals, do not leave in storerooms, or pour out on the street for the joy of birds. It’s better to wait for the winter period when the featherers will actually need food. “Charity dining rooms” for birds contribute to their bored living, which negatively affects the health of the population.


He who did not forget at home to do charging, will be glad to have the opportunity to walk around the city and not to fall away from fatigue after 2 steps. Our athlete is prompted by a mistake: his powers do not correspond to the request for new impressions. It is not necessary to start with a walk that will exceed in length those that a person did before the introduction of restrictions. Fatigue at the end of the day isn’t the most pleasant impression of a first sip of freedom. It is also worth thinking about the route, jog along the health highway will not add.


coronavirus epidemic’s associated need to spend days within four walls may benefit most people who have previously neglected outdoor walks. To get the pleasure of staying on the street, you need to avoid a long stay under direct sunlight and not try to squeeze into the square, where the people are so full. Stadiums, including those near schools, have never been crowded, therefore ideal for physical education.


Due to the coronavirus epidemic, international communication has been virtually halted. Many Russians planning to spend their summer holiday abroad are forced to change their plans. Seduct them trying to tour domestic resorts. It is possible to agree to such a proposal by making sure that it will be easy to follow precautions that prevent infection with COVID-19. Overcrowded transport, lack of sanitary facilities and access to medical care at the resting place are unacceptable extreme.

Hiking might be a good idea for the holiday season this year. It is only distressing that this type of holiday has many restrictions. An alternative to a tour trip can be a trip to a country house. Nature attacks, whatever their format, do not override the need to comply with personal hygiene standards. Coronavirus on lives in the forest, but forgetting to wash your hands before eating, or boiling water from a stream, or well, you can earn disease there too.

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